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Musab The Slick's Box

  • Words: Max Herman
  • Label: Hieroglyphics Imperium

Before Atmosphere became a known quantity, it was Musab who helped set things off for Rhymesayers and put Minnesota on the hip-hop map. While no longer rolling with the RSE family that he helped cultivate, this smooth-talking MC, also known as Minnesota Slicks, is still dropping gems. On his Hiero Imperium debut, Musab often plays the role of the street-wise pimp, and he does so pretty well. "My team took all the clientele from Heidi Fleiss," he boasts on the standout, Superfly-inspired "Please Do Not Assume." Sab does successfully step out of mack mode from time to time, but he and his producer King Karnov shine most when their beats and rhymes are larger-than-life.

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