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Review: Trüby Trio Elevator Music

Label: Compost

Although its title initially brings to mind less-than-stellar thoughts, further inspection of Trüby Trio's debut album reveals its true meaning lies in elevation. Munich-based nu-jazz gods Trüby, Prommer and Appel have birthed a work infused with positivity and sun-drenched good times, trading in the limitations of the genre they helped create for solid musicianship and vitality. Read more » 

Review: The Ends Are You Really From the Ends?

Label: P Records

Adding to the growing pile of DIY street anthems is The Ends' theme song, which poses the question: "Are you really, really from the ends?/ Too many bwoy them want to pretend." Quality bling MCing over ruff and simple techno pulses and nervous strings. Makes you want to go out and buy an 8-ball and a rude Merc. Read more » 

Review: Zongamin S/t

Label: XL

After shit-hot singles "Tunnel Music" and "Serious Trouble" (on excellent UK imprint Flesh) made him a darling among underground tastemakers such as Soulwax, Andrew Weatherall and Trevor Jackson, illustrator-cum-producer Susumu Mukai has come clean with Zongamin's keenly-awaited longplayer. Adding to what those two singles emphasized-namely, rubber-bass and stiff, elastic dance rhythms you'd hear in your imagined fantasy of The Mudd Club-Mukai adds a healthy dose of film score ambience and whimsy into the mix. Read more » 

Review: Common Feat. Erykah Badu, Q-Tip and Pharrell Williams Come Close Rmx

Label: MCA

A fly love song just got flyer. Common responds to charges that Badu is hip-hop's Yoko Ono and owns up to his tight shirts and vegetarianism. Pharrell, offering girls rides on the handlebars, steals the show (again): "I'm goin' back to my skater roots/but still got friends in them gator boots." For added fun, imagine that Q-Tip's verse goes out to Nicole Kidman. Read more » 

Review: Kraymon Who Wants Some?

Label: En:Vision

Accompanying his badass "Somehow Green" single on Streetwise, "Who Wants Some?" sees Pete Horsham take a less electro but similarly stripped-down route that emphasizes the funk over big-bass heroics. Combining a huggable, one-note sub bass with a slightly shuffly break, bits of effects and a nicely buried cinematic vocal sample-and putting a dubby reworking by sHack of Elite Force on the flip-Horsham forges a winner. Read more » 

Review: 3 Generations Walking

Label: Spiritual Life Music

3 Generations' Walking blends jazzy vocals, a bit of house, and an instrumental bag of tricks (cello, congas, kalimba, and violin) to achieve a pleasantly celestial album. Granola house or jamband jazz? Read more » 

Review: Irfan Just a Little Lovin'

Label: Sonar Kollektiv

Heard it first on Gilles Peterson's always excellent Worldwide show, and then managed to get a white label from the Jazzanova boys. Wonderfully jazzy with an uptempo twist and a great title. Read more » 

Review: Nylon Pylon Pushin' (Playgroup RMX)

Label: London

Just proving again the striking production skills of Trevor Jackson-shame his album didn't get the attention it deserved. Top-class mix. Read more » 

Review: Lay & Bushwaka! Deep South (Lazyboy Mix)

Label: End

Lovely mid-tempo mix with a seductive touch-smooth and lowdown. Read more » 

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