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Review: Mitchell & Dewbury Rappin With the Gods

Label: Mum

It's hard to be anything but a cynic these days, but somehow Mitchell & Dewbury have managed to rise above the times on this album of uplifting deep jazz. Rolling organs, testifying choruses and fat, sassy basslines are all present and accounted for on epic jams like "Globetrotter," while elsewhere the pair pays much respect to Afro and Latin roots, and nods to disco on the title track. If you can open those jaded ears (and overlook some occasionally heavy-handed lyrics), Rappin With the Gods is full of the unified sounds of hope. Read more » 

Review: Various !k7150

Label: !K7

In honor of their 150th release, !K7 have released a two CD/one DVD set compiling classic and upcoming releases, including tracks by Tosca, Herbert, Rae & Christian, Swayzak, Spacek, K&D, Terranova, Ursula Rucker and more. Reading the !K7 roster is like checking through a who's who of the best in electronic music, as the compilation quickly evinces; since 1996, few labels can match the extraordinary job !K7 has done collecting experimental, danceable and groundbreaking artists. Read more » 

Review: Infekto My Groove

Label: Hospital

In Barons Court in London, you find my favorite label: Hospital! "My Groove" by Finland's Infekto is as good as it gets-future jazz with a ruff break. The vocal sample invites all the good-looking girls and boys to come out to play. Read more » 

Review: Various Inner City Sounds

Label: Ubiquity

If you're not actually rolling in a souped-up Cadillac with Supafly and Koffy Brown, the compilation Inner City Sounds is one of your better alternatives. It's laced with underground funk, soul and boogie tunes recorded between 1969 and 1977 for Inner City Records. Danceable, sample-friendly cuts like "Mary Love's More Love" outshine more plodding numbers like United Soul Association's "Sticky Boom Boom"-which sounds more like notes toward a funk song than an actual funk song. Read more » 

Review: Various 7 heads R better Than 1

Label: 7 Heads

If an outwardly stoic, but inwardly sensitive guy were an album, he would be the 7 Heads R Better than One compilation. Sometimes it's an album caught up in being a dude, embodied in Djinji Brown's brawny drum & bass studio effects on "Mr. Dynamite" and J-Live's Cassanova-ish "Braggin Writes Rmx." Other times it's smart, urbane, and not afraid to get down in the muck with you, as in the balmy jazz loop and ponderous flows of "Moodswings" with Asheru and Talib Kweli. Part bro, part brohemian, it's all about winning combinations. Read more » 

Review: Various All Tomorrows Parties 3.02

Label: Touch & Go

If Car & Driver magazine were to commission a compilation of electronic compositions, they would need to look no further than this comp to know the work's already done. Primarily comprising exclusive material curated by post-electro reconstructuralists Autechre, much of ATP 3.02-including tracks by Public Enemy, Anthony "Shake" Shakir and Earth-helps define "piston-pumping." In contrast, there are selections both subtle and supple-including Stasis, Disjecta and Bola-to match the serene glide of those luxury sedan ads. Read more » 

Review: Various Sound-Off 2 Sampler

Label: Fuel

Here comes Salim Rafiq, who's infused his previously straight-ahead Miami Bass sound with some adventurous shit by picking tracks like these two for Fuel's second Sound Off mix. Cold Fusion boosts "Rinds Gulasch" with some hearty and complex electro programming, while The Dexorcist's "Connect One" runs some classic electro with fanatically big bass. Read more » 

Review: Calibre Make Me Wonder

Label: Signature

Funky guitar stabs, vocal hooks, Amens and some authentic hand claps make this a sure dancefloor hit. Check the flip's "Got To Have You" for a lazier vibe and one of the catchiest b-lines you'll hear all summer. One to make you sweat. Read more » 

Review: Tom Clark King Tide

Label: Morris Audi

German DJ/producer Tom Clark has started three record labels (the now-defunct Gold Plate Music, Highgrade Records, and Laufwerk Musik) while producing for other imprints like Poker Flat, Rampe D and SuperBra, and maintaining a residency at Berlin's famed Tresor club. Clark's debut album offers solid minimal tech-house that flows from organic textures, although tracks like "Flying Carpet" move smoothly and somewhat uninterestingly without really going anywhere. Read more » 

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