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Review: Joey Musaphia Feat. Michelle Weeks Heaven

Label: Refunkt

Currently one of the hottest labels in the UK, Refunkt returns with the unmistakable gospel sound of Michelle Weeks fronting mixes by Joey Musaphia, Richard Earnshaw and Alliance DC. This imprint's keeping up the momentum. Read more » 

Review: PTY LTD Feeling's Gone

Label: Gallery

San Fran's Joshua provides an absolutely storming remix of PTY LTD's launch release for the Gallery label. Barely recognizable from the silky smooth male vocal-driven original, Joshua loops infectious piano riffs over a raw, bouncing bassline, outer-space synths and dubbed FX. If this doesn't get them dancing, nothing will. Read more » 

Review: E-Tones More & More

Label: Aphrodisio

Aphrodisio releases their latest fashion from Mr. E-Tones, which I predict will be worn by many. Filtered keys weave throughout the rhythm with a female vocal suggesting that we should come on and get some more. Read more » 

Review: Nymphonix Arms Around You

Label: Celebrity Records

Nymphonix delivers a vocal project that features a remix by Naked Music's Andy Caldwell and a dub remix by Celebrity Records co-owner Bryan Gerrard. Tastefully produced, with lush vocals giving the overall record the aromatic scent of summer. Nice! Read more » 

Review: MJ Cole Wondering Why (M-Gee Rmxs)

Label: Talkin Loud

With the original version about to devastate the 2-step market, M-Gee's house mixes fully utilize the vocals of Yula backed up by a driving bass and chunky beats. Read more » 

Review: Various Artists Under the Influence: Mixed by Rob Swift

Label: Six Degrees

Hot off his acclaimed solo Sound Event, X-ecutioner Rob Swift proves that he holds a PhD in crate digging and selection with his volume of the Under the Influence series. Swift adds his personal touch by stitching early hip-hop, funk and soul together with his own scratches. Under the Influence opens with a flurry of snippets before working into the meatier tracks from the likes of Marley Marl and DJ Quick. By the end, Swift confidently drops his own track and closes with two salsa joints set to boombastic beats, completing the kind of narrative that evades lesser DJs. Read more » 

Review: Soul Supreme The Saturday Night Agenda

Label: Inebriated Rhythm-Gri

At the risk of sounding like a hater, I have to admit to an insidious feeling of dread when I pick up new independent hip-hop albums. Maybe it's the fact that all the really jiggy club shit is just killing it these days (thanks Pharrell!). Or, maybe I'm just getting soft. For real, I've been listening to so much Snoop and Freeway, I totally slept on The Saturday Night Agenda. Producer Soul Supreme comes correct with some staight-up rap shit. Read more » 

Review: Various Artists Sunset Nights

Label: Nutone Discos

Jazz has managed to surreptitiously infiltrate the dancefloor with stunning results. Thanks to the likes of Kruder & Dorfmeister, Trüby Trio, Attica Blues, et al, it has permeated genres as disparate as deep house, broken beat and drum & bass. Sunset Nights attempts to introduce the listener to a cerebral selection of sublime jazz with a club-friendly mantel. With nary a hint of snobbery, this gorgeously crafted selection includes contributions from the likes of LTJ Bukem, Jazzanova, Bazoo Bajou and Tony Allen. Read more » 

Review: Marques Wyatt United DJs of America Vol 20

Label: DMC

What's left to say about the godfather of West Coast house? Read more » 

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