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Oren Ambarchi, Gunter Muller, Voice Crack Oystered

This latest installation in Audiosphere's excellent Invisible Architecture series is perhaps the most compelling to date. That the teaming of guitarist Oren Ambarchi, percussionist and MD-master G?nter M?ller, and cracked electronics virtuosos Voice Crack (Andy Guhl and Norbert Moslang) would yield such stellar results should come as no surprise. After all, as three-quarters of Poire_Z, M?ller, Guhl and Moslang are a tried-and-true combination. The fusion of Guhl and Moslang's strategically placed buzzes, hums and squeals with M?ller's soft, padding percussion is always a potent, elegantly abrasive mix. The addition of Ambarchi's intricate guitar drones tempers the trio's heady sound just slightly, without sacrificing any of its crackling intensity-or, indeed, its pearly evanescence.

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