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Otto Von Schirach Chopped Zombie Fungus

Over the past few years "glitch" has come into its own, weaning from the teat of academia. No doubt glitch is still a navel-gazing breast man, but now an eye's turned to the bootay, at least via Cuban-American producer Otto Von Schirach. Recording ricocheting rhythm for Schematic, Von Schirach mixes IDM with Miami bass-bred electro and ghetto-tech with gabba in his crispy crystal-packed bowl of baked Chopped Zombie Fungus. He's still plenty glitch, though, as in: Is there a synaptic glitch? Is everything firing a bit off? There are rhythms to make crowds go mental, but the impression here is that Schirach's the one gone mad. Thankfully, he leans away from self-indulgent Tigerbeat6 style frequency farts, feet planted firmly even if his head's way up and out there. Release the tit and kiss your ass goodbye.

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