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Review: Various Artists The Detroit Experiment

Label: Ropeadope

Derrick May once prefaced a comment about techno by saying, "Detroit is a complete mistake," as if the city wasn't expected to kick out great music. Thankfully, the context for that quote was over a decade ago. The city has since figured techno out to some degree, and this new project on Ropeadope continues the healing process. The Detroit Experiment brings one of the oldest Detroit musical traditions-jazz-together with two of the newest, techno and hip-hop. Musicians ranging from Headhunter Bennie Maupin to Jeremy (Ayro) Ellis were recorded during sessions at the White Room. Read more » 

Review: Universal Funk Streets of Havana

Label: April

Denmark's premier nu-jazz/Latin band delivers some tight Cuban house (think Matt Bianco in Colombia) whilst Swell Sessions's version drops it deeper courtesy of girlfriend Elsa's vocals. Meanwhile, new track "Four To Five" changes from cosmic jazz midway into deep rolling hip-hop...nice... Read more » 

Review: Geche Moonface

Label: Statravel

Britisher James Drabble hands over another in Statra's impressive Statravel series of 12-inches. The somatic dub title track fully utilizes singer Sarah Ellis's chanty vocals, while rhythmic bits like "Melt" and "Lana" use found sound and chaotic editing to spice up the varied tempos. Ready for more from this guy. Read more » 

Review: Eric Fox/Brainstorm Sheen Sad Bear

Label: Dunket Records

Brooklyn's Dunket imprint brings some appetizing atmospheric junk. Eric Fox's "Meridian" offers Throbbing Gristle-like organ drone and a bonus eternal lock-loop at the end. As Brainstorm Sheen, Greg Hoy oozes out subdued snap-crackle space that evokes Pan American. Compelling air. Read more » 

Review: Manchilde of the Butta Babees In Da Game

Label: Bandit

Butta Babes have simply been runnin' hip-hop in Montreal, and Manchilde's three-track step into the spotlight reveals much about the humanist-hop trio's dynamic. Man's inventive lyrical flow loosely attaches itself to each melody line, and his centerpiece "In Da Game" criticizes mainstream hip-hop while avoiding a bitter/hater tone, which is rare in the underground. Keep a razor-sharp eye on these guys-they've got their shit on lock. Read more » 

Review: E DOT Thirsty EP

Label: Core

Break north, make all the Canada jokes you want, but Edmonton native E DOT is realer than a hockey fight. This EP is strong throughout, but the gem is "Mixtapes," a loving homage to the artistry of a well-composed compilation (with pointers to ensure heavy Walkman rotation). Read more » 

Review: Hallucinogen In Dub

Label: Twisted

British trance label Twisted is letting the groove mellow for a minute. Six tracks by Simon Postford are dipped in a pot of dub by remixer OTT. The result is full of deep atmospherics, huge bubbling basslines, dripping synth tones, cascading whispers and murmurs, and the crackle of percussion floating on top. Soundscapes reminiscent of The Orb's landmark 1992 single "Blue Room" seem to be the template here. But dubby trance has come a long way in ten years. Or has it? Read more » 

Review: Black Mighty Orchestra Ocean Beach

Label: Irma

BMO's Cesare Cera and Ricky Rinaldi lift angelic strings from Henry Mancini's "Lujon," which add a touch of beatific cocktail jazz to their sturdy 100-bpm beats on "Ocean Beach." Allesandro Meroli's live flute plus 'nuff percussion recall NY DJ Sasha's Organic Groove ethno-downtempo excursions, a sound furthered on the flip's airy Brazilian ode "Rua Escondida." And to keep you guessing-English IDM misfit Metamatics is in the mix here as well. Globally germane. Read more » 

Review: Cuica City to City

Label: Ubiquity

Brazilian music is by nature propulsive and alive; those who try to synthetically replicate the fervent rhythms often miss the point. Not so here-Cuica succeeds by embracing the sexy elements of electronic music that most match steamy traditional rhythms. Following on the success of their "Trommell Monster" single, the full length City to City travels through broken beat, nu-jazz and house to render something like a troupe of cutting-edge analog-synth junkies infiltrating a Brazilian percussion ensemble. The end result is infectious and fully club-worthy. Read more » 

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