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Pluramon Dreams Top Rock

The shoegaze revival has not hit Hot Topic retail stores, MTV airways and the pages of SLEAZEnation. Until it does, Pluramon's shift from being Can's post-rock stepchild to a shaman conjuring up the sleepwalking ghosts of My Bloody Valentine and Flying Saucer Attack shall delight. Mastermind Marcus Schmickler melts glaciers of lysergic guitar distortion and acoustic porch-jams over bass-blown thunk. Guest singer and Twin Peaks chanteuse Julee Cruise sounds like Dolly Parton imitating the MBV girls, but is nonetheless arresting with her nude-nymph-hysterically-giggling-in-the-woods vibe. While Dreams lacks the DSP punch of Pluramon's last LP, Render Bandits, it still sounds terribly fresh in such a conservative time for indie rock.

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