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Ragga Twins Ragga Twins Step Out

Blood brothers and mic partners Flinty Badman and Demon Rockers carved their dancehall toasting niche in British dance music years before drum & bass dons Dynamite MC and General Levy patented the style. This double-disc retrospective captures the Twins’ raw energy as U.K. breakbeat dawned in 1990. The pair worked with Shut Up and Dance producer P.J. Smiley, whose imaginative dancehall/rave hybrids backed hits like “Spliffhead” and “Illegal Gunshot.” As relentless as Jamaican DJs Cutty Ranks or Admiral Bailey, Badman and Rockers displayed their Unity reggae soundsystem roots on rapid-fire lyrical tracks like “Love Talk” or “Juggling.” Setting the stage for both jungle and dubstep, Ragga Twins deserve recognition and receive it properly on Step Out.

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