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RBX Broken Silence

If Stones Throw can bring back Percee P, who’s to say Technicali can’t resurrect the career of former Death Row inmate RBX (who’s been M.I.A. since narrating live from Cell Block 3 on The Chronic in 1993)? Jokes about overturned convictions aside, RBX was the most technical, stylistically versatile rapper of the G-Funk era; Broken Silence indicates he’s kept his tonsils toned. On “Overdue,” he drops lyrical napalm (“Finger on the button like Kim Jong Il”) over a squealing, nostalgia-evoking Snoop Dogg beat. Elsewhere, he hangs with young bucks LMNO, Chace Infinite, Self Lion, and Tate the Great. It’s good to have X back; now if only someone would only put out a new Volume 10 album.

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