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Sepalot Red Handed

  • Words: Doug Morton
  • Label: Compost
  • XLR8R Rating: 8/10

German deck-meister Sebastian Weiss of makes a solid solo move with this 17-track declaration of hip hop know-how. With heavyweights like Saigon and Detroit’s Frank ‘n Dank doing the heavy lyrical lifting, Sepalot locks it all down with top-shelf beat programming, radio-ready production, and a tasteful electronic seasoning that should make the Neptunes School of producers grow up and take heed. Leave it to the ladies to turn the lights down a bit with tracks like the soul-jazzing “Smile,” featuring Shuanise, and “How Can I Say,” a throbbing, low-slung R&B number loved up by Germany’s Miss Platinum. Versatility is the message here, and Sepalot delivers it with class to spare.

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