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Singer Unhistories

  • Words: Scott Thill
  • Label: Drag City
  • XLR8R Rating: 7/10

Feed Slint, Comets on Fire, and Pink Floyd into a shredder and you come near to the experimental rock of Singer, a quartet whose four bizarros share vocal duties as well as fractured guitar epics. But their self-conscious artistry also has a sense of humor: "Please, Tell the Justices We're Fine" and "Slow Ghosts" are tinkering experiments in weird that will make you smile. Meanwhile, "Oh Dusty" is a slow-burning masterwork of pained axe mastery, and "Dumb Smoke" brings the riffage as well as the math. Singers are brain teasers for sure; you could tell that from the titles. But they're as fun as Bardo Pond and The Starlite Mints–worth it, in other words.

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