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Review: Matsai He Boomah

Label: Missive

Newcomer Matthieu Hourteillan brings it for French label Missive, with some subtle, pulsing, midtempo treats that rotate some hardy ragga and soul vocal samples and bits of sitar around stealthy breaks 'n' bass. German duo Tiefschwarz gives it the obligatory house rub, et voila, a nice one. Read more » 

Review: dave Brennan Drink Deep (James Zabiela Mix)

Label: End

A typically deep offering from the End, remixed superbly by James Zabiela. Starting off all housey with gentle piano stabs, this track drops into a real controlled growler of a bassline. It's all sprinkled with some kind of off-kilter, otherworldly noises that really work, before JZ brings the gentle piano back in, with added atmospheric pads subtly tugging away in the background. Classy. Read more » 

Review: Rundfunk H

Label: Tell?

From the home of R?yksopp, Kings Of Convenience and Annie (to name a few), comes Rundfunk on Tell?, Norway's most interesting label. Almost all the artists on the label come from northern Norway-the land of the midnight sun-and label manager Mikal Telle is a rockstar!! Read more » 

Review: Aeriated 2 the Tune of C-

Label: sidetrax

Straight out of Leeds comes this cool and smooth track by 21 year old producer Duncan. It took my total attention when it came our way, because it's a tune with all the good elements: East Coast house combined with dark, English drum & bass synths. Read more » 

Review: High Contraast The Basement Track

Label: Hospital

A beautiful trip down memory lane, as High Contrast works in all your favourite old-skool sounds: female vocals, sax and even the odd air horn. While it sounds like a recipe for disaster, it's definitely not! You can't help but love this one. Read more » 

Review: Psychokinetics The Vault

Label: Ill Kinetics

Oakland's DJ/producer/MC quartet Psycho-kinetics brings a uniquely American notion to d&b/rhyme praxis, eschewing British MCs' skibba-dibba styles for some half-time insights. On this EP from last year's Sensory Descent album, MCs Celsius and Spidey hit you with tight verbals over Denizen and Ill Media's melodic arrangements. Jump on this. Read more » 

Review: Spirit Speedlife (Hammer 9)

Label: Inneractive

Spirit is definitely at the top of his game these days, and while the latest from Inneractive retains his trademark ultra-cool crisp breaks and haunting atmospheres, he's definitely displaying a new sense of urgency that lifts these bits into something potent and powerful. Twisted beats, chest-trembling basslines and an almost infectious energy make this one of those rare releases worth buying on sight. Read more » 

Review: Soul Funky Let's get Down (DJ Dub Vocal)

Label: Grove St.

This sums up the Breakin Bread sound. Uptempo, heavy hip-hop beats, singing, rapping and a backing track that goes from electronica to soul and back again via hip-hop. I know of only two copies of this, and we need more!! Read more » 

Review: Skeme, Big P, Extremists/Est'Elle Everybody

Label: Titan Sounds

Four of London's underground hip-hop stars throw down about their city's summer party doings over some plucky rare-groove beats by Titan Sounds owners Mickle and Skitz, while singer Est'elle croons out the chorus. Even if the lyrics are a bit local, you should at least grab this for the bangin' instrumental. Read more » 

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