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Starting Teeth I Won’t Do Anything I Can Do

Not since David Byrne and Brian Eno sat shoulder-to-shoulder in the studio over 25 years ago for My Life in the Bush of Ghosts have two minds captured the art of tape sampling so effectively as electronic producers Childe Grangier and Nathan Jonson of Starting Teeth do here. The twosome packs its tech-heavy debut, I Won’t Do Anything I Can Do, with tape-jamming vocal loops galore, injecting sample after sample into their riotous blend of ambient world, glitch-hop, and micro-house. “Concerning the Bombs” is ice-toned with its whirs and drones, fizzling and flailing about like a downed power line during a thunderstorm, while the hyped-out “Everything Ends” hiccups with breaks, clicks, and cuts.

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