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Stefan Goldmann The Empty Foxhole

  • Words: Dave Segal
  • Label: Mule Electronic
  • XLR8R Rating: 7.5/10

German DJ/producer Stefan Goldmann begins The Empty Foxhole with his own “Five Boroughs,” an eerie, post-industrial soundscape embellished with a melismatic keyboard motif. It merges into Mathew Jonson’s subtly pumping tech-house track “Symphony for the Apocalypse,” setting a cerebral, dark tone equally adept at moving bodies and emotions. Throughout Foxhole, Goldmann deftly blends tracks, allowing selections to ebb and flow with a dramatic sense of purpose rather than simply dropping a one-dimensional stream of clones. The disc’s 17 tracks—including those by Villalobos, Plastikman, Joel Mull, and Petre Inspirescu—rarely dip from the thrumming summits of deep headiness. The mix peaks with “Wolverine,” Goldmann’s adrenalized, spring-loaded tech-funk, which showboats to the finish line like Usain Bolt.

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