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Stimming Reflections

After he dropped a series of well-received singles and EPs in recent years, expectations are high for the debut album from German producer Martin Stimming. Reflections is certainly a finely produced record, one that tastefully blurs the lines between house and techno and seamlessly incorporates live instrumentation and field recordings. Yet no amount of technical prowess can alter the fact that Reflections is just a tad dull. Restraint is well and good, and one wouldn’t expect Stimming to deliver an album full of bangers, but only one track—“The Beauty”—could even be described as lively. While dubby offerings like “Song for Isabelle” and “Fruits of Life” hint at greatness, the album ultimately suffers from too much navel gazing.

1 comments Reflections

DJJD10 (not verified) Wrote

Thu, 04/16/2009 - 09:59

I disagree. The album has more introspective cuts than one might have expected based on the previous made-for-the-club Stimming releases, but this is an artist album. Its intricacy is much appreciated IMO. I'm thoroughly enjoying it. As a side note, the reviewers on this site give 8/10s to pure trash sometimes, so give this album a listen before discounting it. Love the site, though; don't get me wrong. Keep it up, XLR8R.

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