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Review: Apparat Koax

Label: Bpitch Control

My friend Apparat, the co-owner of Shitkatapult Records (alongside everyone's darling T.Raumschmiere), presents this 12" on Ellen Allien's BPitch Control label that combines the dancefloor with his more ambient style. The three versions include an Ellen Allien remix and a very nice fourth track called "Fuse," with Ellen on vocals. Read more » 

Review: Mogwai happy Songs For Happy People

Label: Matador

Mogwai returns with a fourth album that exchanges its trademark post-rock traversals between so loud and so soft for a sweeter, subtler sound without dropping any intensity. It's an enormous close-up of a heartbeat: for all of its steadiness, the secret thump and pump of blood through Mogwai's innermost chambers nevertheless fascinates with each swell. "Killing All the Flies" expands in a molten aortic flow, heavy and thick with ephemeral, glowing heat; and "Ratts of the Capital" explodes in a furious, full-body guitar flush. Wrap your arms around Mogwai's chest and press your ear close. Read more » 

Review: Danny McMillan Inflight Sessions 02

Label: In-Flight Entertainment

McMillan has been a mainstay of the British breakbeat scene since he was 15, and it shows: his latest album coheres without slipping into homogeneity, the smooth mixing seeming near-effortless. This disc comprises eleven tracks, including work from McMillan and longtime collaborator Adam McEvoy (billed as McMillan and Tab), Meat Katie and Lee Coombs. Read more » 

Review: Various Out Patients 3

Label: Hospital

London-based drum & bass and future jazz stalwart Hospital Records unleashes a stellar take on futuristic rhythm-twisting with a high-gloss finish. Assembled by label manager Chris Goss, Out Patients 3 moves unabashedly from frantic, Latin-touched broken beat (on Ultrasound's killer "Latin ") to dark, eerie beats-and-bass workouts (Chris Finguz & Siobhan Gallagher's "Why Do We Do?") and cerebral head-nodders (Infekto's "My Groove") without batting an eyelash. Read more » 

Review: Chicken lips Body Music

Label: NRK

Like Morgan Geist, Trevor Jackson and Ben Cooke Dean Meredith and Andy Meecham (as Chicken Lips) have been making smart, '80s-inspired dance music that happily steers clear of anything having to do with Larry Tee. Using elements of dub, tracky Chicago house and lo-fi schoolyard hip-hop, they've recently left their best-kept-secret status for a bit more renown. On this "turntable blend," the duo gives you just what you'd expect. Read more » 

Review: Detalles Shapes Of Summer

Label: Traum

LA-based pianist Kate Simko and Chilean electronic-head Andres Bucci recently began collaborating as Detalles. Their debut album is a supple, minimalist tapestry of precision click-pop and plaintive piano and other acoustic instruments with a South American flair. "Rhodes Relejadas" has all the quietude required of most experimental electronic music, but Detalles mute the effects to produce a warmly wonderful cut. On the other hand, "Plus/Mas" brims with Akufen-ish uptempo pluck without succumbing to crass techno tendencies (likely due to John Tejada's mastering). Read more » 

Review: Kerri Chandler Trionisphere

Label: King Street

Kerri Chandler gets profoundly inside a groove and turns it inside out, with rich, bottom-heavy bass lines and sparse jazz melodies. He creates danceable moments of darkness infused with his NJ-native, garage-influenced, deep house perspective. Chandler's latest release, Trionisphere, much like many of the other legendary sonic productions he's most noted for, especially The Atmosphere EP, is a spiritual journey in sound. This man will take you to church on the dancefloor, and with the push of a button imbue you with the Holy Spirit. Read more » 

Review: Adam Johnson Chigilak

Label: M3rck

Johnson's supple electronica, gliding ambiance and crisp rhythms all shimmer and his beats, occasionally inspired by electro and hip-hop, plod forth among myriad haunting sounds, glitchy beeps and clicks. Chigilak is as impressive as anything previously offered on Miami's M3rck. On "Some Say She's Naive," the rhythm's got some bounce to it, even if you listen on your headphones; things even a get a bit weird on "Sensible Impostor," with its garbled rhythms and distant tones. Johnson's music is as consistent as it is thorough, and plays well from beginning to end. Read more » 

Review: C Money & DJ Chase Ladies Can I Have Your Attention

Label: Stones Throw

It figures that one of the best singles of this year originally came out in 1989, a period when hip-hop was hitting its stride. Beatnuts affiliate VIC nicely jazzes up the timeless "Impeach the President" loop to let C Money showcase some classically smooth rhyming. And the flip is straight heat: hip-hop at 130 BPM, as Money uses a Big Daddy Kane sample to warn that he's "crushing MCs that be trying to riff," giving a tremendous vocal performance. Read more » 

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