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Review: King Cannibal Let the Night Roar

Label: Ninja Tune

Dark is the word thrown around most often to describe King Cannibal, and it’s probably the single best word to encapsulate the full aesthetic, sound, and ethos of the artist formerly known as Zilla. Let the Night Roar is a surprisingly cohesive album, representing pan-genrism at its best. Read more » 

Review: Toddla T Fabriclive 47

Label: Fabric

Fabric might be famously located in London, but the album series spawned by the club has been admirably international, and although Toddla T is a fellow Brit, his entry into the line reflects the same border-hopping spirit. The 24-year-old is a Sheffield boy, and his mix of 21 tracks draws heavily on dubstep, dancehall, and ragga. Much here comes courtesy of Toddla T himself, but he manages to shoehorn in Busy Signal, a Duffy remix, Sticky, and others in a relentlessly breathless set. Read more » 

Review: 2562 Unbalance

Label: Tectonic

On 2562’s debut, Aerial, songs like “Greyscale” and “Techno Dread,” both dub-centric meditations defined by roving basslines and gratifying percussive taps and crashes, suggested that the Dutch producer dabbled in a single color palette—gray. On Unbalance, Dave Huisimans plays a bit more Pantone, weaving in classic dance sounds for a more slinky, refined voice. Read more » 

Review: Various Artists 5: Five Years of Hyperdub

Label: Hyperdub

Here you have it, over two hours' worth of only a fraction of the product released by Steve Goodman's (a.k.a. Kode9) London-based Hyperdub franchise. It's more than a beginner's guide, however. Re-mastered Burial tracks "Distant Lights" and "South London Boroughs" are joined by Kode9's own "9 Samurai" and steady contributions from Kevin Martin projects The Bug and King Midas Sound. Hyperdub's new 8-bit 'n' bass and wonky directions are also represented via songs from Ikonika, Quarta 300, and Darkstar, not to mention a choice cut from legit UK funky goddess Cooly G. Read more » 

Review: Schlachthofbronx Schlachthofbronx

Label: Disko B

Munich isn't exactly known as a hotbed for global bass sounds, but if upstart trio Schlachthofbronx has its way, that reputation may be due for an update. Read more » 

Review: Hudson Mohawke Butter

Label: Warp

Glasgow wunderkind Hudson Mohawke may have titled his debut full-length Butter, but that doesn't mean that the music from this LuckyMe affiliate goes down smooth. That's not to say the music and production isn't on point—it's just that HudMo's ADD cutting and splicing gives his 21st-century digital R&B a hyperactive feel that borders on overwhelming. Read more » 

Review: N-Type Rinse: 09

Label: Rinse

On this uneven mix, N-Type serves up a snapshot of dubstep's trajectory from masturbatory bassline wobbling into sexier sonic realms that might actually compel bodies to swing together on the dancefloor. Read more » 

Review: Mary Anne Hobbs Wild Angels

Label: Planet Mu

Filled with buoyant beats, 8-bit shoot-outs, and pastel-funky melodies, Mary Anne Hobbs’ latest compilation contains everything you’d expect from the British tastemaker’s broadcast, minus her ecstatic voiceovers. Connecting different strata of bass music, Hobbs showcases some of its more colorful, glittering strains, including Gemmy’s “Rainbow Road” and Nosaj Thing’s “IOIO,” both breezy, neon gems. Read more » 

Review: Rival Consoles IO

If you miss the Aphex Twin who wrote songs that lit up warehouse raves at 3 a.m. but still tied your brain into knots, do yourself a favor and check out Rival Consoles. Ryan Lee West is a nascent IDM hero on IO, starting with the layered, epic acid squelches of “Milo,” which recalls the glory days of Rephlex. "1985" cranks the distortion and throws devil horns, while "Pvar" combines darker atmospherics with tartly detuned pads and chopped drums. Read more » 

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