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Review: Manchilde of the Butta Babees In Da Game

Label: Bandit

Butta Babes have simply been runnin' hip-hop in Montreal, and Manchilde's three-track step into the spotlight reveals much about the humanist-hop trio's dynamic. Man's inventive lyrical flow loosely attaches itself to each melody line, and his centerpiece "In Da Game" criticizes mainstream hip-hop while avoiding a bitter/hater tone, which is rare in the underground. Keep a razor-sharp eye on these guys-they've got their shit on lock. Read more » 

Review: E DOT Thirsty EP

Label: Core

Break north, make all the Canada jokes you want, but Edmonton native E DOT is realer than a hockey fight. This EP is strong throughout, but the gem is "Mixtapes," a loving homage to the artistry of a well-composed compilation (with pointers to ensure heavy Walkman rotation). Read more » 

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