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Review: Dixon Temporary Secretary

Though it's probably the most incongruous track on Dixon's first official mix album since Body Language, Vol. 4, Fever Ray's "If I Had a Heart" nevertheless provides an aesthetic and thematic foundation for the tracks that follow in its wake. Read more » 

Review: Bodymovin Bodymovin

Bodymovin, the self-titled debut album combining the efforts of German producers DJ Friction and Thomilla, maintains a head-bobbing groove while avoiding unnecessary ornamentation. Read more » 

Review: Daniel Meteo Working Class

These 10 new tracks, plus electro-boogie romp "The Beat of the Heart" from 2008, mark a departure from Berliner Daniel Meteo's deep, dubby, island roots-inspired productions on ~scape and his own Meteosound imprints. His new approach crisscrosses genre borders, adding ambient and pop flavors, and the results are mixed. Read more » 

Review: 2020Soundsystem Falling

As the full-band project of Leeds-based DJ Ralph Lawson, 2020Soundsystem prides itself primarily on its live performances, but their M.O. as a studio outfit is unclear. Their second full-length album, Falling—not a mix, but 12 discrete tracks—forgoes guest vocalists, putting bassist Fernando Pulichino’s voice up front throughout, but even with a consistent frontman, Falling still feels faceless as a band project. When they try to “rock,” as on opener “We Get Down” and the overlong, goth-aping “Closure,” it rings rather hollow. Read more » 

Review: Black to Comm Alphabet 1968

Label: Type

On his debut for the Type label, Mark Richter (a.k.a. Black to Comm) departs dramatically from the more organic, drone-based recordings that his fans are used to hearing. Read more » 

Review: Italoboyz Bla Bla Bla

Label: Mothership

Techno is often an over-serious genre, so listening to the first Italoboyz full-length is a breath of fresh air—the duo crafts rich, funky tracks that are full of humor, esoteric influences, and the London transplants' penchant for intense rhythmic play. A prime example is found on "Chinese," a piece that utilizes extensive bits of Chinese-influenced piano, cut-up vocal portions culled from Chinese language instruction software, and jazzy house percussion that shimmers in just the right spots. Read more » 

Review: Boys Noize/Vitalic Power/Flashmob

Two electro-house giants fail to assuage fears that their genre has hit a creative wall. Read more » 

Review: The Bloody Beetroots Romborama

Label: Dim Mak

Perpetually masked Italian electro-punkers The Bloody Beetroots have created an album that should be easier to hate, especially if you flip directly to vainglorious textbook electro track "I Love the Bloody Beetroots." Still, with cameos from the likes of indie electronic artist Beta Bow and British house songstress Lisa Kekaula, this anticipated debut offers enough variety to save it from slipping into a complete electro-sinkhole. Read more » 

Review: Modeselektor Body Language Volume 8

It might be kind of a dubious honor, but no other techno/dubstep/grime/hyphy/etc. producers make better mix CDs than Modeselektor. Completely populist while still bleeding edge, Body Language Volume 8 wasn’t strung together with 100% exclusive tracks or eight turntables—Modeselektor just takes a lot of the best stuff out there and makes it seem like it was part of the duo's vibe all along. Read more » 

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