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Reviews: Leftfield / Experimental


Review: Cinema Recorded Music LIbrary After Dark

Label: Domino

Glasgow boys Crawford Tait and Gregor Reid cough up some twisted summery lounge disco on the A-side of this 10-inch. On the flip, their mellow tune "Lost" gets tweaked into Steve Reich-ish repetition by Pedro and floated into eerie psych-folk land by Fort Lauderdale. A trip and a half. Read more » 

Review: Geche Moonface

Label: Statravel

Britisher James Drabble hands over another in Statra's impressive Statravel series of 12-inches. The somatic dub title track fully utilizes singer Sarah Ellis's chanty vocals, while rhythmic bits like "Melt" and "Lana" use found sound and chaotic editing to spice up the varied tempos. Ready for more from this guy. Read more » 

Review: Eric Fox/Brainstorm Sheen Sad Bear

Label: Dunket Records

Brooklyn's Dunket imprint brings some appetizing atmospheric junk. Eric Fox's "Meridian" offers Throbbing Gristle-like organ drone and a bonus eternal lock-loop at the end. As Brainstorm Sheen, Greg Hoy oozes out subdued snap-crackle space that evokes Pan American. Compelling air. Read more » 

Review: Hrvatski Swarm & Dither

Label: Planet

All the greats deserve a retrospective at some point, and Keith Fullerton Whitman just got his. It comes in the form of this aural gallery stuffed with tracks composed between 1994 and 2002 that even includes some of his early and rather obscure field recordings. Read more » 

Review: Acimo Acimo

Label: Lab

Achim Vogel-graphic artist, painter, comedian-here presents his take on the art of beats and basslines. Vogel's relationship with music began when his sculptor/musician father gave him lessons in improvisation, classical and jazz at a young age. Hence his debut LP could be considered a somewhat advanced document. Certainly it has a melodic richness and textural diversity that would be unachievable for many on a first outing. Read more » 

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