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Review: Thunderball Cinescope

Label: ESL

DC's Thunderball rolls out their third offering, harvesting from spy cinema, Vegas, Brazil, funk, and dub, and treating listeners to collabos with Afrika Bambaataa and See-I's Roots and Zeebo. Loads of beats with multitudinous samples will feel comfy to some and clichéd to others. Either way, this is fine fodder for chic hotel bars or jetsetters' lounges. Thunderball stands in good stead with labelmates Thievery Corporation, and if you dig Groove Armada, Cinescope can share shelf or 'Pod space without a fight. Read more » 

Review: London Sinfonietta Warp Works & Twentieth Century Masters

Label: Warp

When a record pairs the work of admired avant-garde composers with Warp Records electronic artists, discussion gravitates toward the two camps' shared spaces. The work of Squarepusher's Tom Jenkinson bears much more resemblance to the tape looping of Steve Reich than, say, sexy being brought back by Justin Timberlake. Like waiting for your turn in a conversation, the manner in which this record operates-placing compositions side by side instead of attempting misguided mergers-demonstrates a level of shared respect between the two worlds. Read more » 

Review: Various Mo'horizons: Stereo 150

Label: Stereo Deluxe

Jumping from Volume 2 to 150 (to celebrate their sizable discography), Stereo Deluxe commissioned Ralf Droesemeyer and Foh Wetzler to survey and mix away their back catalog. Though they claim their muscle is global, the truth is that their bins reflect a hard Euro bent with traces of international influence. Read more » 

Review: Various FabricLive 29: Cut Copy

Label: Fabric

The DJ-mix CD is tough to pull off. In an effort to capture marathon club sets within 75 destined-for-home-stereo minutes, many of today's best mixmasters get stuck, uninspired, in no man‘s land. Not so Australian rockers Cut Copy. With ears for melody, finely tuned to the dancefloor, the trio purveys an infectious party vibe while deftly genre-skipping behind the decks: sun-kissed keys cascade into punky reverb and steely guitar rock power-slides into filtered French house. Read more » 

Review: Various Four Tet: Remixes

Label: Domino

Aside from flexing the automated muscle of one Kieran Hebden, Remixes is an absolutely monstrous collection of songs-a 24-track compendium of Four Tet-related remixes laid out over two discs; one for Hebden's own work, and another for artists giving FT songs the once-over. In truth, it's a novel setup that inadvertently pits the owl-eyed Brit against his collaborators and their tracks. When his source material isn't outshining lesser remixes on Disc Two, Hebden is bettering tunes by Bloc Party and Radiohead on Disc One. Read more » 

Review: Various The DFA Remixes: Chapter 2

Label: DFA

The rise of James Murphy and Tim Goldsworthy-the production team known as The DFA-didn't happen overnight. Rather, it moved in increments, one hipster dance party and disco edit at a time. Earlier this year, the duo laid 'em bare, cobbling together the first chapter in their DFA Remixes series-a confident, career-spanning collection of reinventions that saw Le Tigre, Chemical Brothers, and Gorillaz fly through their ‘80s-loving ringer. Read more » 

Review: Various Morrow Choral Orchestra

Label: Designed Disorder

Android drums bounce, flutter, and dissipate; fragmented clicks swirl and somber synths echo in galactic expanses. These are the sounds proffered by Deru, Machinedrum, Edit, Richard Devine, and eight other key IDM and ambient electronic artists on independent L.A. label Designed Disorder's new collection. What‘s surprising is how each contributor weaves freely in and out of genres like hip-hop, techno, dub, and musique concréte while expanding their boundaries. If you thought you knew exactly what Mr. Read more » 

Review: Darkel Darkel

Label: Astralwerks

Forget The Wizard of Oz. "Be My Friend," the first track on Darkel, answers the hypothetical question, "What if Dark Side of the Moon synched up with The Exorcist?" Darkel-JB Dunckel, the half of Air who explored weedy crooning on that duo's Talkie Walkie–then follows the jam with a run of prog-pop, recalling everything from Beatles-esque jauntiness to Eno's Here Come the Warm Jets. Read more » 

Review: Love Trio in Dub feat. U-Roy Love Trio in Dub feat. U-Roy

Label: Nublu

U-Roy's inherent sense of rhythmic playfulness and dub-scat lyrics aren‘t just the centerpiece of Love Trio's album, but the very genesis of it: Ilhan Ersahin heard U-Roy, the dub riddim-rider champion and unquestioned king of DJs, as a child, and it shaped the bandleader's entire musical future. Read more » 

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