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Tosca J.A.C.

Dedicated to their three bouncing baby boys fathered since Dehli9, you‘d expect Tosca to sound impotent on <>J.A.C. After all, this is music for playboys; well...them and Jil Sander boutiques. But have no fear, fatherhood has not tamed the sumptuous stylings of Vienna‘s Huber & Dorfmeister. The most marked difference on J.A.C. (named for babies Joshua, Arthur, and Conrad) is a new full-piece band: the familiar dub-soaked swirls are there, but expanded far beyond the programmed beats of yore. The dangerous electric bass on "Sala" will sate longtime Tosca and K&D aficionados alike, but it‘s the lavish piano tricklings and curiously uptempo rhythm on "Züri" that truly show you who‘s daddy.

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