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Truckasauras Tea Parties, Guns and Valor

  • Words: Sam Mickens
  • Label: Fourthcity-Journal of Popular Noise

Though Truckasauras leaves room for a great deal of humor in their work–their debut album features toasting by the decidedly un-Jamaican DJ Collage, and its booklet comes streaked in a raging Hulkamaniac font–the music they make should not be taken lightly. Sequencing an armada of old Roland electronic machinery via a circuit-bent Gameboy, Truckasauras makes abstracted instrumental hip-hop more emotional than any artists in recent memory. Alternately (and sometimes simultaneously) triumphant and melancholic, their songs throb with the cultural malaise of a 1980s childhood, recasting marathon Nintendo sessions and WWF obsession in the context of drunken, complicated adulthood.

1 comments Tea Parties, Guns and Valor

introcut (not verified) Wrote

Fri, 09/26/2008 - 20:29

Don't sleep
Get this album!!!

Great to see live
bang N 808 goodness

check out....




write up in pitchfork...
by : Philip Sherburne


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