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Review: Kiko Man E, F, G & H

Label: Rhumba Muzik

Michigan-based producer Kiko Man serves up earthquaking low-end, thrusting synth sounds and a proper kick on this delicious dancefloor techno record. Read more » 

Review: Paul Mac Cards on the Table

Label: Primate

As the catalog number for this label hits 69, an equally erotic tribal funk mission is launched. With processed, organic percussion leading the march, vocals reminiscent of the din at Berkeley's Ashby flea market add a truly ritualistic element. The flipside's mix by Ben Sims adds an element of late-night edge to the diversity. Read more » 

Review: Adam Jay Naptown Renegade EP

Label: Primate

Schooled engineer Jay liberates one of his best 12" performances yet. Deep basslines and dubbed-out vocal loops reside in the thick of pounding, polyrhythmic tribal espionage. With the release of this title, Adam drives this imprint in a much dirtier and grimier direction. Read more » 

Review: Billy Dalessandro Dark Matter EP

Label: Resopal-Schallware

Chicago's Dalessandro draws on his early-'90s tech and acid roots with taste and restraint. The cavernous title track scratches at the dubby atmosphere with raw synth stabs, while the flipside tracks pop tighter and a bit more vertically. Understated and gutsy. Read more » 

Review: Safety Scissors Vs. Kit Klayton Ping Pong

Label: Carpark

In amongst the intriguing found sounds and mysterious aural detritus that comprise the majority of this release's 36 tracks (starring those lovely little white plastic orbs), Messrs Clayton and Curry sprinkle together Resident-ish blends of scraped electric guitar, whooming and plinky synths, kicked rhythm machines, occasional vocals and other awkward little surprises. Dippy, dorky fun from the masters. Read more » 

Review: Karltone & Stephanie B Space 80 EP

Label: Hypnotic

Go ahead and do that '80s thing, but keep those annoying, faux-alienated vocals out of the damn mix. This French duo offers three tracks that illustrate two distinct ways to decorate a 4/4 machine beat: either make it cavernously abstract or simply melodic. Tasty bits from today's future-past. Read more » 

Review: Garth & ETI 20 Minutes of Disco Glory Remix Pt. 1

Label: Grayhound

I'm not usually a fan of bringing back classic wax, but this is an exception. DJ Harvey's mix is pure niceness, although I think nuff heads who missed the original are now irie. Read more » 

Review: Osunlade Feat. Jaffa Native Tongue Revisited

Label: GotSoul

New York Afro-house kingpin Osunlade and Montreal keyboard monster David Kakon go take-two on the first release for Osunlade's Yoruba label, with solid results. A warm, sloshy-but-tight horn section leads a sax and some boompty percussion through the original, while Nick Holder's remix takes it to minimal-loop paradise. Nifty and knockin'. Read more » 

Review: Ron Carroll Natural

Label: Music 101

One of Chicago's pioneers reaffirms his vocal and production prowess on this smooth yet emotive slab. Shimmering keys, jabbing synths and a plaintive piano melody highlight the gospel-tinged original, while fellow Chi-boys Blakbeatniks remix the whole mess to edgier, more epic heights. Of course, Carroll's brazenly classic vocals make this fundamentally good-good. Read more » 

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