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Various Artists Cali Untouchables Pt. 2

The Cali Untouchables' blend of West Coast rumpshakers is about as thugged-out as mainstream rap can get: almost every track is about messing up somebody's face. Unfortunately, it's also too linear: I listen to Cali Untouchables Pt. 2 when I'm in the mood to have Clear Channel's gangsta hits du jour rammed down my throat. Pudgee P.'s "Smile 2003" remix would be a hot joint, except the beat drags along at a glacial pace, and rappers Jay-Z, 2Pac, M.O.P., and 50 Cent are always clip-clopping ahead. Still, this compilation's got some keepers, including Kurupt's "Dip Dishes" and Benzino's exclusive 50 Cent diss, "Falling Down."

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