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Various Artists How to Kill The DJ [Part Two]

How to Kill the DJ [Part Two] chronicles the diversity of Scottish DJs Twitch and Jonnie Wilkes, who run club night Optimo. It‘s a little bit goth/synth (Laibach, Depeche Mode), a little club classics ("Can U Feel It," Loose Joints), and a bit of punk (The Cramps, Revolting Cocks) tied together by minimal techno from the likes of Akufen, Villalobos, and Harco Pront; a second CD features obscure jams from Bush Tetras, Nouvelle Vague, and Arthur Russell. This isn‘t your average hands-in-the-air affair-it‘s a peaked-and-valleyed mix for those who require DJs to show context...and the depth of their record collections. Experienced record weasels need only apply.

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