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Various Kon & Amir: Off Track Vol. 2–Queens

For their fifth official release, Off Track: Vol. 2, crate-diggers Kon & Amir give us a double-disc-sized peek into the disco and African grooves in their box. Disc One offers underground disco of the obscure variety with re-edits by Kon, highlighted by Sparkle’s “Let It Go” and Eddie Benitez’s “We Are the Ones.” The second set, Amir’s selections, features Afrobeat, soul, and funk-driven numbers like Earl Rodney’s triumphant “Midnight Man.” Solid selectors, to be sure, Kon and Amir provide a hot night at the disco, but when they get around to Orchestre Black Dragons’ “E Sa F’aiye,” it leads into an even hotter day at the beach.

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