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Various A Life Less Lived: The Gothic Box

It‘s 1984, and George Orwell's corpse rolls with laughter as Ronald Reagan declares, "I am pleased to tell you... the bombing begins in five minutes." Margaret Thatcher has enjoyed a second election win, due in part to her propensity to demonize: Russia, the working class, and society itself. The resounding, blackout reverb of Bauhaus' "She's in Parties" rings throughout the United Kingdom, pausing mid-dub with Peter Murphy's deadpan ironic declaration: "Happy days are here again..." It's not hard to see from whence came that most maligned-yet-immortal of underground musical movements: goth. A pervasive sense of fear and anomie across America, Europe, and especially Britain had the early 1980s brimming with a darkened musical creativity (mirroring medieval artists‘ preoccupation with death and darkness during the time of the plague). In the earlyoduction, everything-this 12" is strong.

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