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Various We Are Punks 2

Something about this title really irks me: What is “punk” about Anthony Rother’s label mix? Is it the constipated blasts of distorted synth grinds that interrupt the groove? The neutered calls-to-arms like “This is iconic warfare”? Considering punk’s long-co-opted dogma, I suppose it doesn’t take much to think of oneself as “punk.” Datapunk boss Rother shows off his own work alongside fellow Moroder/EBM/industrial heads like Gregor Tresher, Billy Nasty, and the much-welcomed Miss Kittin and the Hacker. There’s no denying that Rother maintains good dread over rib-hitting beats, but the energy runs dry with its electroclash clichés and unintentional camp. Steer clear of this while sober.

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