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Voom Voom Peng Peng

As collaborations go, it seems unlikely that any is more democratic than Voom Voom, the joint effort (pun intended) of Peter Kruder, Christian Prommer, and Roland Appel. With the warm, electro-jazz glow of Trüby Trio and the laid-back, stoned-and-throned kingdom of Kruder & Dorfmeister set against Fauna Flash's energy and drive, Peng Peng is an album out of time and place. Future-retro-ist? With tracks perfect for Manchester '88 ("Roger"), Berlin '06 ("Keep the Drums Out"), or anyplace, any year, 4 a.m. ("Sao Verought"), that just may be the case. Electronic albums equally fitted for the dancefloor and drive home come rarely; Peng Peng covers both in the same track.

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