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Review: Various Artists Asad Rizvi Presents Silverlining Exposures

Label: Reverberations

Asad Rizvi's Reverberations imprint is known for house-leaning melodic techno releases-some of which, confusingly, are not "techy" enough to be called "tech-house," but instead maintain the upswing of house rather than than the plodding stomp of techno. Silverlining pulls together a selection of Rizvi's groovy cuts, including his own "Smiling At The Sun," which shines warm sunlight through the clouds with laidback percussion, metallic keys and whooshing wind effects. Read more » 

Review: Various Artists Heimfidelity Vol. 5

Label: Hor Spiel Musik

As his goodbye to an "era," Pierre's tribute to his long-running techno club Stammheim dismisses sentimentality, reveling instead in a goofy, sexed-up hedonism. From its tight, minimalist get-go, Heimfidelity is all about the launch into projectile arcs. Remixed tracks by Matthew Herbert and Christian Vogel shift weights on their downbeats back and forth with the anticipation of an eager colt, slightly unsteady but never unsure. Read more » 

Review: Shifted Phases The Cosmic Memoirs of the Late Great Rupert J. Rosinthrope

Label: Tresor

Another mysterious pseudonym

Review: Alexander Kowalski, Diego Hostettler, Dennis Desantis Reasons

Label: Kanzleramt

And just like that, trance is important again! Read more » 

Review: Metro Area Orange Alert (DFA Remix)

Label: Source

An electronic disco beauty given the remix treatment courtesy of DFA, the production genius behind LCD Soundsystem and The Rapture. The result: hypnotic disco trash funk with relentless tight-ass drums. Includes the stupendous album cut "Dance Reaction" on the flip. Read more » 

Review: Various Artists Ritmos De Brasil EP

Label: Phuturo

An amazing selection of bits straight from the heart of the drum & bass revolution: Sao Paolo, Brazil. Featuring four fresh faces, the skills on display here are strikingly unpredictable-only Drumagick's "Sambarock" shakes and boogies with that still-addictive Brazilian flavor. Mikrob follows up with the most wicked street-level hitter ("Wild") before DJ Marnel dips into deep house-influenced territory on the jaw-dropping "Good Vibes." And save some love for Telefunken's twisting, turning "Zionite," an essential bit of future-dub bizness for all the electro-rastas. Read more » 

Review: Hrvatski Swarm & Dither

Label: Planet

All the greats deserve a retrospective at some point, and Keith Fullerton Whitman just got his. It comes in the form of this aural gallery stuffed with tracks composed between 1994 and 2002 that even includes some of his early and rather obscure field recordings. Read more » 

Review: Cybrid Transistor Abuse EP

Label: Belief Systems

After a nearly-four-year hiatus, Oakland's Belief Systems unleashes the debut by electro-heads and Run DMC twins Cybrid. Their buzzy, punchy "Bumper" receives a surreal, almost cavernous remix by L.A. producers Volsoc, while their atmospheric builder "Abstract Power" gets Kraftwerked by Oaktown's DiViD. Screw your "-clash"...true machine funk like this is no trend. Read more » 

Review: Various Artists Alex Attias Presents The Chromantic Universe

Label: Vision

Alex "Mustang" Attias should need no introduction to followers of West London and Munich's syncopated dancefloor licks and jazz-based downtempo groovology. Chromantic profiles Attias's own Visions imprint, containing a host of his own erudite productions to date, as well as some collabos and a few guest cuts from fellow Londoners Domu, Dego and I.G. Culture. Read more » 

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