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Review: Various Artists Atitetoca

Label: Hi Top

Oh, old school, you hit it right. Original mambo, Afro-Cuban, and other assorted Latin smokers from such pioneers as Willie Bobo and Israel "Cachao" Lopez inspire saucy high heels and unbuttoned collars that stay crisp despite the ever-escalating, hipswaying heat. Aspiring congueros should note the immaculate trombones of Mon Rivera and the Caribbean-flavored pungency of El Super Tumbao's "Bacalo Salao." The classic "Lluvia con Nieve," performed succulently by Rivera, sizzles at the edges. Wipe your mouth, throw your napkin on the table, and find yourself a dance partner. Read more » 

Review: Bill Laswell Sacred System Dub Chamber 4: Book of Exit

Label: ROIR

Oh, Bill Laswell. So much to answer for. He's loved. He's hated. Lately it seems, mostly the latter. Why? Mostly, for what's seen as a prolific output combined with a lack of quality control. But then, ask yourself who else has collaborated with Fela Kuti, Herbie Hancock, Eddie Def and, erm, Whitney Houston? Read more » 

Review: Bobby Hughes Combination Nhu Golden Era

Label: Stereo Deluxe

Nhu Golden Era, the second album by Norwegian producer Espen Horne, feels like a warm, smooth lounge record for the modern cocktail-swilling groovemeister. God knows the world doesn't need yet another "lounge" record (a.k.a. generic coffeehouse jazzy downtempo crap) but luckily, the Bobby Hughes Combination has come up with enough innovation and musical talent to buck the usual blandness. Barely. Read more » 

Review: Blaktroniks This is Your Drug on Brains

Label: Reflective

Oakland's Edd Dee Pee and Coppa Tone usher in their next chapter with this bit of shimmering, broken thump. "That's My Word" posits a minimal, Afro-futurist manifesto over deep chords and percussion, while the flip's "Face It" technofies things a bit and "Safari" reconfigures drum & bass from dub's bullrushes. This is simply the next phase. Read more » 

Review: Various Artists Christophe Monier Presents Rockers' Delight: The Rock Sound of Darkest Paris 1990-1996

Label: Quatermass

News flash: the French aren't all disco-house pogoing robots! Nor are they Air-jocking AM-radio enthusiasts! Read more » 

Review: E.B.E. The Consequential Theorist

Label: Grayhound

Lucas Rodenbush's follow-up to "The Incidental Tourist" for Garth's glorious Grayhound Recordings evokes the lost era of Epoch 90 and Bizarre Inc. Expect tweaky bleep loops, sharp beats and textured chords that sit nicely between the worlds of house and techno. Read more » 

Review: Majistrate Fury

Label: Juice

Majistrate lays down some hardcore analog jump-up biz before re-rinsing a smooth roller from yesteryear on the flip. True Playaz fans will appreciate "Fury," as a monstrous b-line burps its way across Majistrate's signature crisp breaks. "If (Part 2)" is more for those who dig getting lost in beats, as Maj strips the original down to its bare essentials and rolls it out in stoner evolution mode. Read more » 

Review: Scorn Plan B

Label: Hymen

Mick Harris is celebrated for jackhammering the apocalypse at 200 bpm on a trapkit for grindcore avatars Napalm Death. In his incarnation as Scorn, he settles down to watch the nuclear winter set in. With Plan B, Harris continues to explore brooding dub atmospherics with ghostlike piano melodies and DSP noises that roil in psychosomatic flashbacks over hip-hop beats that land like fists. Unfortunately, he clings to this formula too tightly, where the majority of the album seems to be remixes of the same track. This problem is heightened by some plodding drum machine rhythms. Read more » 

Review: Various Artists Fabriclive: Radioactive Man

Label: Fabric

Keith Tenniswood's credits as an engineer and producer are numerous. Though he's best known for his 2 Lone Swordsmen partnership with Andrew Weatherall, his Radioactive Man project is gaining international momentum. His DJ mix for London club Fabric joins the dots between dark breakbeat, techno and drum & bass with a selection comprised of other such lurking producer's "producers" as Depth Charge, Jammin' Unit and Anthony Røther. Rare on a mix CD: Tenniswood's own cut is the collection's best production. His "'Ave That" provides gluttonous bass for rhythm addicts. Read more » 

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