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Evolution Control Committee Plagitarythm Nation

Label: Seeland

The ECC arguably first infected the Net with the "mash-up" technique-still best heard on their classic 1993 "Whipped Cream Mix" of Chuck D rapping over a Herb Alpert big-band jaunt. Plagiarythm Nation is an assortment of their MP3 "hits" that sometimes proves that "copyright infringement is your best entertainment value," as Negativland told us. "Rocked by Rape" stitches Dan Rather's depressing headlines over an AC/DC riff, as if he's crooning at a shit-kicker bar. Elsewhere, Janet Jackson and Gloria Estefan hits mutate into oddball ditties that resemble the Residents. Read more » 

Esem Serial Human

Label: M3rck

Taking their pursuit of severely electronified "hip-hop" global, Miami's Merck drafts Bulgaria's Esem for a dark ride through a mountainous amalgam of shimmering electronics and murky splatters of broken beatdowns. Unfortunately, Serial Human isn't totally free from the usual problems that plague IDM artist albums; the good songs are truly great, while some of the others are just fine. Read more » 

Glenn Branca The Ascension

Label: Acute

The '80s revival shouldn't be seen as entirely shallow and insipid. With the renewed interest in all things No Wave, releases such as this offer the more potent Jekyll to electroclash's innocuous Hyde. Best known for linking up Sonic Youth anti-guitarists Lee Ranaldo and Thurston Moore (only Ranaldo is present in this five-guitar lineup), Glenn Branca's own small guitar arsenals have become the stuff of legend. Read more » 

Skully Champion Sounds

Label: DMC

Skully, current DMC UK champion and DMC World runner- up, pulls through with an excellent CD featuring original raps over some new and recycled rhythms; and, of course, amazing turntable work. Okay, sometimes the words do border on the clich?, but the attitude consistently remains heavy-hitting and precise. Read more » 

Bad Company Grunge 3 (Dieselboy & Kaos & Karl K Remix)

Label: Human

Searing mechanical madness results when Philly's drum & bass soldiers turn Bad Co.'s "Grunge" into an opus of punching snares, punishing bass, and tons of sick buildups and breakdowns. On the flip, Hive preserves the uplifting intro of "Mass Hysteria" before dropping the track into pounding techno madness and pulling it back out into a hype, bouncy, bass-filled booty-mover. Both remixes show these artists giving BC a run for their money. Slamming! Read more » 

Various Autobot

Label: Satamile

Satamile releases its first CD compilation of vinyl tracks, a collection of mostly textbook Bladerunner-esque electro that slides along its smooth metallic finish, lightly bumpin' and nonchalant. Silicon Scally's "The Silent Years" bounces swiftly and sharply, with a luminescent synth-harp riff bolting through, and Decal's "Riptide" is cool yet jittery. Each of the tracks on Autobot lock into an automaton's groove instantaneously, for better (they're immediately hypnotic) and worse (that's about all they are). Read more » 

Stakka Intransit

Label: Cargo Industries

Pounding dancefloors like a meat cleaver, the latest offering from Stakka finds hard techno sounds charging out of the speakers. Crisp and punchy one-two beats slam behind a nice female "I can feel it..." vocal on "Instransit," which will bang in the clubs, but could use a few more surprises. Flip for "Junkyard," which twists a variety of growling synths and bleepy noises into a swirling, rave-friendly miasma. Read more » 

geesix Cru/DJ Inanna Brown Suga/Move Deep

Label: Funky Soul Music

Reps from Boston's heavy Soul Champion crew hold it down on this 12". "Brown Suga" finds the pair of G Notorious White and DeepSix mixing deep, warping bass and samples with light, tinkling keys; flip for a summery, mellow 4/4 workout from Inanna. Both tracks roll along nicely but fail to deliver a heavy dancefloor punch. Still, this is a good start from these Stateside selectors. Read more » 

The Modernist Kangmei

Label: Wonder

Picking a good Jorg Burger project can be as challenging as smoking pork ribs. Burger-who records as The Modernist, The Bionaut, et al-tends to marry juicy Cologne techno melodies (? Read more » 

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