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Various Autobot

Label: Satamile

Satamile releases its first CD compilation of vinyl tracks, a collection of mostly textbook Bladerunner-esque electro that slides along its smooth metallic finish, lightly bumpin' and nonchalant. Silicon Scally's "The Silent Years" bounces swiftly and sharply, with a luminescent synth-harp riff bolting through, and Decal's "Riptide" is cool yet jittery. Each of the tracks on Autobot lock into an automaton's groove instantaneously, for better (they're immediately hypnotic) and worse (that's about all they are). Read more » 

Stakka Intransit

Label: Cargo Industries

Pounding dancefloors like a meat cleaver, the latest offering from Stakka finds hard techno sounds charging out of the speakers. Crisp and punchy one-two beats slam behind a nice female "I can feel it..." vocal on "Instransit," which will bang in the clubs, but could use a few more surprises. Flip for "Junkyard," which twists a variety of growling synths and bleepy noises into a swirling, rave-friendly miasma. Read more » 

geesix Cru/DJ Inanna Brown Suga/Move Deep

Label: Funky Soul Music

Reps from Boston's heavy Soul Champion crew hold it down on this 12". "Brown Suga" finds the pair of G Notorious White and DeepSix mixing deep, warping bass and samples with light, tinkling keys; flip for a summery, mellow 4/4 workout from Inanna. Both tracks roll along nicely but fail to deliver a heavy dancefloor punch. Still, this is a good start from these Stateside selectors. Read more » 

The Modernist Kangmei

Label: Wonder

Picking a good Jorg Burger project can be as challenging as smoking pork ribs. Burger-who records as The Modernist, The Bionaut, et al-tends to marry juicy Cologne techno melodies (? Read more » 

Luciano and Matthew Jonson Alpine Rocket

Label: Perlon

Perlon's 32nd release offers a deep, two-track minimal techno experience. This isn't your regular tracky minimal either, but whole songs beautifully crafted with all the nuances of glitch house. The a-side is garnished with tasteful vocals and a short synth break, while Luciano's solo "Mr. Chancleta" on the flip is harder with a strong, repetitive bassline. Just brown and serve! Read more » 

Incognito Who Needs Love

Label: Dome

Perennial jazz-funk pioneers Incognito show they're still full of life with this offering for the symmetrical Dome imprint. As expected, jaw-dropping instrumentation is high on the menu. "Can't Get You Out Of My Head" has nothing to do with an evergreen, large-buttocked Australian popstress-it's a strolling, needy, lovesick vocal escapade with gliding orchestral strings and a soul-steeped guitar. "Fly" spreads its wings and ascends heavenward, thanks to visionary keys, a flourishing sax and hip-swinging guitar. Read more » 

Mathematics Respect Mine (Feat. Wu-Tang Clan)

Label: High Times

On "Respect Mine," extended Wu-Tang family member Mathematics graciously hosts the Clan. So graciously, in fact, that he's outshined on his own song. If you like the Wu, you'll like this. Math's featured more prominently on the flip's "Just Can't Luv," as is a repetitive/abrasive vocal sample that makes you miss the Wu. Read more » 

Phife Dawg U Know U Want It

Label: Smokin Needles

On "U Know U Want It," Phife proves that he can still kick it. DJ/producer Rasta Root creates a beat that would make any Tribe head nod, while songstresses Slick and Rose croon the chorus. On the flip's "Diggy Dialect," Kingston's Hawkeye joins Mutty Ranks for the perfect balance of dancehall and hip-hop. Ya dunn know. Read more » 

Strand Messages

Label: Delsin

Outside of the great celebrated triumvirate of Atkins, Saunderson and May, Detroit has dozens of journeymen waiting to be discovered. The trio called Strand is no exception. Eschewing the formulaic approach, their first full-length album is full of intricacies and quirks, but remains a very smooth production. "Vamp" is an excellent example, swinging a nerdy, harpsichord-like sound and '80s bass around in modern staccato construct. It's evidence that the new wave influence is still working itself out in fascinating ways. Read more » 

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