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Nina Nastasia Run To Ruin

Label: Touch and G

Approach Run to Ruin like a bottle of whiskey on a solitary night on the porch-in slow, successive sips, letting the rich, oaken taste and luxurious loneliness of her dark-waltz country music make themselves known. Nastasia's voice, alternately rough-hewn and sweetly high, is laced with deep languorous string strains. The ominous shimmering shiver in "I Say That I Will Go"'s heavy waltz-step builds into a slow-churning dissonance, while her low moan in "You Her And Me" matches up with those of the cello. Read more » 

Stateless Bringin' Me Down Remixes

Label: Freerange

Andreas Saag tosses a bluesy, keyboard-infused semi-broken 4/4 cut from his Art of No State album to the house winds on two slabs from London's Freerange label. On one, Saag laces the b-side of the original with an '80s-style house rub, while the other disc finds Desha rolling the nu-jazz and Kaidi "Agent K" Tatham doin' that early New York disco thing. Read more » 

VARIOUS ARTISTS Amoeba Music Vol. Iv

Label: Hip Hop Slam

Amoeba's latest melange includes everything from womanist spoken word to indie shogazer pap-all culled from the East Bay, Frisco and LA scenes. The totally hype parts: Balanceman's quirky Soup Or Spy?", which combines '70s spy-film horns with outer-spacey studio effects, Mr. Read more » 

Ultra-Red Amnistia!

Label: Antiopic

Amnistia!, Ultra-Red's recording of an NYC rally for undocumented immigrant workers' amnesty on May Day 2000, is more likely to be enjoyed by noise fetishists than the blue-collar proletariat. However, it's still dazzling for reproducing the same intensity that arises between street protestors and riot police. Amnistia ("por Nueva York)" recalls the ambient-Marxists' Seattle WTO protest mixes, with its microhouse concoction of clicked beats, DSP scrapes and crowd chants. The vibe then darkens with collages of rally speeches that arise from a murk of feedback drones. Read more » 

Various Take Me Aosis: A Nite Out In London

Label: Aosis

After bringing the cr

Bolz Bolz Warrior EP

Label: World Electric

After two years off, Bolz Bolz re-emerges to outline the future of his new style. "Do What You Do" and "Chance" are new-school dancefloor electro tracks paired with Bolz Bolz's sensitive analog sound structures. The flipside offers the 4/4 "Who'd She Coo" and "2nd Chance," a bass-buster certain to shake the electro-breaks fans' booties! Read more » 

Various Speicher CD 1: M. Mayer Mix

Label: Kompakt

Admittedly, the back catalog of Kompakt is a daunting thing indeed. And with their subtly different labels clogging the Kompakt section of your local record shop and blending into a muddy sea of micro-house, isn't it better to have label head Michael Mayer expertly mix your journey for you? This solid mix incorporates a few of his own tracks (including the near-perfect chugging dubbed-up chimes of "Unter Null"), plus those of other top-shelf producers like Superpitcher, Reinhard Voigt and everyone's favorite, T.Raumschmiere. Speicher? Special. Read more » 

Erkki Kurenniemi Aanityksia Recordings 1963-1973

Label: Love Records

Aanityksia offers wildly untamed electronic experiments from the '60s and '70s by this extraordinary Finnish inventor/composer. During his career, Kurenniemi invented a series of incredible electronic synthesizers that used camera images, brain impulses and sexual touching to trigger unique sounds. The tracks range from the horrible robotic torture chamber of On-Off" to shimmering electronic overtones, Hendrix-esque feedback, tape-collage and subtle Nintendo beats. The music evokes Stockhausen and more experimental Kraftwerk, adding an occasional taste of Switched On Bach. Read more » 

Fanny Pack So Stylistic

Label: Tommy Boy

A stroll through Brooklyn these days belies its reputation as a hotbed for furious creativity as Fabolous's 50-cent commercial rap is about all anyone hears. But even in the bleakest of moments, the blast hits from unexpected angles, threatening to shake up the tedium and conjure up a new Brooklyn. Fanny Pack charmingly replaces gun talk with fun talk, bling with boom. Three girls rap in clear, unassuming Brooklyn-speak about life on the block as big- booty electro bounce straight from the old-skool South backs them up. Read more » 

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