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Tom Noble S/t

Label: Laws of Motion

One hopes the non-mainstream dance music scene isn't too awash in bullshit quotidian business concerns to recognize a talent like Tom Noble when he's in its face. On this debut released by the erstwhile nu-jazz imprint Laws of Motion, the 25-year-old producer has fully fleshed out a uniquely catholic aesthetic, folding modern Brazilian, South Asian and broken beat flavors in a dubwise ideology that enhances rather than dilutes the context of each. Read more » 

Ghetto Priest Vulture Culture

Label: On.U

On.U posse front man and brooding lyricist Ghetto Priest lets forth on this deep debut, pairing his dark lyrics and soulful delivery with Adrian Sherwood's swirling production. Bubbly dubs here, hard-edged distorted guitar there, roots stylee at one moment, dancehall boasts at another. Priest sings mournful chants against Babylon on cuts like "Earthquake in the Heart of Rome," and then backs the impossibly fast lyrical jabs by Irish chatter RiRa and the bassy bark of Simon Bogle. Read more » 

Codec & Flexor Tubed

Label: Emperor Norton

On their first long player, Cologne duo Codec & Flexor lay out their MO: to mash bombastic rockisms and a snarling punk attitude with house and techno rhythms and textures. For all the criticism that the current penchant for all things electro welcomes, its detractors fail to see that many electronic and dance music fans are simply tired of the glut of current music infused with faux Afro-Latin and '70s jazz influences. Read more » 

Various Artists Lost Treasures

Label: Make Some Noise

Occasionally a record pops up that simply doesn't make sense, for better or worse, no matter how many times you listen to it. Lost Treasures is one of those. Bomb 20 and Patric C, late of Digital Hardcore, rounded up a bunch of rhymers (including Chilly Gonzales, Peaches and others) for jams that range from straight-up sampler bangers to noisy distortion meltdowns. Think of Lost Treasures as a Berlin version of Handsome Boy Modeling School-which, come to think of it, didn't make too much sense either. Try "Monster Bitches," a dubbed-out horror tale of Halloween booty. Huh? " Read more » 

75 Degrees Children's Story Redux

Label: Dining Room

Not since Sticky Fingaz came to town has the world seen a more churlish MC than Rick Bond of 75 Degrees, a group bold enough to redo the kitschy rap standard "Children's Story" on their infectious new single. Then again, egghead humor's part of their appeal: check the track "Jesus Piece." Read more » 

Various Artists Fixinthemixes Vol. 1 and Vol. 2

Label: white

Mysterious white labels featuring tracks that will create havoc on the dancefloor. Volume 1 comprises the long lost vocal version of the sadly missed Armando's acid monster, "Land of Confusion," a version of Saunderson's mix of Wee Papa Girls, and an Aphex mix of Gerald. Volume 2 brings tunes by Front 242, Ron Hardy favorites Liaison Dangereuse, LA electro legend Unknown DJ (remixed by Basic Channel) and Vanity 6. Bootleg bizness, but essential in any DJ's crate. Find, and soon. Read more » 

Mr. Dibbs The 30th Song

Label: Rhymesayers

Mr. Dibbs's The 30th Song was originally supposed to be released by 4 Ways to Rock in 2000, but that never materialized. And it's a damn shame. If this record fell into the hip-hop consciousness during turntablism's peak years, the "Dick-nosed Platypus" would be the one that crate-digging symphonists would have to measure up to. On this expanded reissue, Dibbs's earthy beats are deftly heightened by swamp-rat guitar riffs, smeared violas, strutting basslines and the odd children's record or two. Read more » 

Liaisons Dangereuses S/t

Label: Hit Thing

More Jules Verne than Toffler, Liaisons Dangereuses' designs on tomorrow must have appealed just as much to Derrick May and Carl Craig. Or maybe it was their subversive nature-implant a kernel of chaos into otherwise quantized funk. In 1981, there weren't too many others making machines swing as hard as they do on "Peut Etre Pas" or "Los Ninos Del Parque." Except for Kraftwerk, of course. With all the reference and reverence of them, it would be easy to pass up a project such as Liaisons Dangereuses. This long overdue history lesson should seed some exciting new futures. Read more » 

SCSI-9 Digital Russion

Label: Force Tracks

Moscow-natives Anton Kubikov and Maxim Miyutenko certainly have their sound on lockdown, and it shows in their ability to jump from pop-based house to dark and epic techno jams without flinching. Although the production duo went surprisingly unrepresented on Force Inc.'s recent Digital Disco and Clicks & Cuts 3 compilations, maybe it's because picking a single track to love over the rest is pretty tough. The majority of the album comes straight off the hard drive (that is, it's mostly brand new tracks), but a few favorite 12" singles made the cut, too. Read more » 

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