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Otto Von Schirach Chopped Zombie Fungus

Label: Schematic

Over the past few years "glitch" has come into its own, weaning from the teat of academia. No doubt glitch is still a navel-gazing breast man, but now an eye's turned to the bootay, at least via Cuban-American producer Otto Von Schirach. Recording ricocheting rhythm for Schematic, Von Schirach mixes IDM with Miami bass-bred electro and ghetto-tech with gabba in his crispy crystal-packed bowl of baked Chopped Zombie Fungus. He's still plenty glitch, though, as in: Is there a synaptic glitch? Is everything firing a bit off? Read more » 

The Demtrios Project Feel Alive (Jon Cutler Rmxs)

Label: MN2S

Originally released last year, "Feel Alive" gets a timely makeover from NYC's Jon Cutler, who takes the original vocal and works it to great effect over an ultra-deep bass and sweeping pads. Read more » 

Spaztik Emcee Run of the Mill Rmx

Label: Cosmic Flux Musiq

Over a beat that could be "Proceed, Part IV," this Bay Area b-boy drops smoove lyrics like it's '88 and he came to set it straight. With Regina Monique's soft singing on the hook, "Run" merges hip-hop and r&b without shorting either. The flip's "We Three Kings" is a Philly affair, with a bangin' beat by Grand Agent (Mountain Brother) Chops, who also rhymes. Read more » 

Various Artists Swearhead Presents: Volume 1

Label: Swear

Once upon a time in a city called London, a shoe company named Swear decided to compile a CD of songs that people in their store frequently inquired about and distribute it, free of charge, to all of their customers. It's a cool idea-you've certainly got to appreciate music to entertain such an endeavor. Read more » 

Illskills Forgive Myself

Label: Critical

On the original of this one, Austria's Dkay and Rawfull come up with a tasty combination of gentle yet grounded female vocals, lovely melodic keyboard melodies, and semi-ravey synth stabs over a festival of "Apache" breaks. So why has Dkay's overdramatic, unecessarily built-up remix of the tune landed on the A-side? Please, next time leave well enough alone and hit us with another track. Read more » 

Seel Fresh Nickelpump

Label: Rapstar

On "Nickel Pimp," Chicago's Seel Fresh explains "the art of gettin' over." Even though Dug Infinite provides the slow, sparse, slamming beat, the b-side's "Generation Lost" wins. The offbeat piano track by Mind has serious nod factor, Noble's scratches are tight, and Seel's frustrated flow fits perfectly. Fo' shickel, my nickel. Read more » 

Various Artists Le Future Le Funk

Label: Hooj Choons

Now that record stores are stuck with a glut of mediocre house music mixes, it's encouraging to know some labels are actually trying to inject some new life into the mix-CD genre. UK label Hooj, self-proclaimed occasional providers of "half decent house" fulfills its obligations with the decent Le Future Le Funk. Compiled and mixed by Red Jerry and Ross Cale, Le Future benefits from a wide range of track selections of glitzy, new-school house and techno, featuring Metro Area, Brooks, Swayzak, Mr. Read more » 

Luciano Serve Jah

Label: VP

Now out of the voice of the one called Luciano comes a musical thing all courtesy of Black Scorpio studio. This anticipated release from the Manchester Messenjah is pure classic. "I Will Survive" is liveness, featuring an unccredited Sizzla sound-alike a' sing say. Only other guest is the Prophet on "Hail King Selassie." Murderation, bredren. See right now, it's all about strictly God-hearted lyrics churned out like cornmeal dumplin' over recognizable riddim tracks. Overall, it's far from 1995's Where There Is Life, and there's some outdated 'chunes included here. Read more » 

Breakneck Uplink

Label: TCR

Nice to hear such a simplified sound come from a production trio on this, their fourth slab. For the title track, Pete Voyager, Tamsin and Vlad throw down a grounded rhythm and top it with a sweet two-note bassline and ragga samples to create a fundamental dancefloor burner. The flip's "Chinese Burn" runs the same essentalist territory with more understated, squiggly techno effects added to the mix. Read more » 

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