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Breakneck Uplink

Label: TCR

Nice to hear such a simplified sound come from a production trio on this, their fourth slab. For the title track, Pete Voyager, Tamsin and Vlad throw down a grounded rhythm and top it with a sweet two-note bassline and ragga samples to create a fundamental dancefloor burner. The flip's "Chinese Burn" runs the same essentalist territory with more understated, squiggly techno effects added to the mix. Read more » 

Various Artists Universal Funk: Re:Done

Label: April

Nine of Europe's future-jazz luminaries get to grips with Universal Funk's debut. Instead of releasing a remix album with a dozen (often pointless) re-takes of three or four prime cuts, April have chosen each artist to remold a single track. Andreas Saag's uses a nifty elasticized guitar, keys that hit the nail on the head and distraught vocals from Elsa to create a heart-stopping Swell Session re-take. Cai Bojsen-Moller's remix of "Kuta" pleads for brotherly love and understanding, with heavy, swaying percussion, a gleaming synth and an intense, staring bass. Read more » 

Martin Gadgil Partykle Science EP

Label: Megabop

New Zealand-raised Londoner Gadgil offers up a much-needed atmospheric-yet-kinetic take on d & b that borders on dubby psychedelia without dipping into indulgence. The title track emphasizes whooshing electronics over bassy machismo, and works well on those merits. The flip's "Proto Clown" goes slower and more marauding, with reptilian bass blurps and ominous atmospheres, while "Days When" rolls more contemplatively electro. A gutsy group of jams. Read more » 

Pest Necessary Measures

Label: Ninja Tune

New Ninja five-piece Pest deliver their debut album, and despite the rumors, this is not nearly as groundbreaking or different as you'll be led to believe. Sounding like "mental" jazz-break-stealing magpies-but with live instruments-Pest take great delight in mangling grooves from funk, punk, and jazz into some unholy collage. This collage, though, bears all the hallmarks of someone constantly asking "wouldn't it be funny if..?" Which is all very well for a single, but doesn't work for a long player. Read more » 

Defari Spell My Name

Label: High Times

LA's freshest schoolteacher drops science on "Spell My Name." The driving beat (by Evidence of Dilated Peoples) lends itself to the spelling-bee chorus and D-E-F-A-R-I doesn't disappoint. For disappointment, check the flip's "Slumpy," a fonky-ass Fred Wrek track with a weak-ass hook: "Bitch' don't give a fuck, bitch." You won't either. Read more » 

Disco D A Night at the Booty Bar Vol 1

Label: Tommy Boy

Leave it to the newly neutered Tommy Boy label to cash in on a musical trend that very well may have outworn its welcome. But who can hate on Disco D? Michigan's X-rated boy wonder and former XLR8R cover model mixes his trademark blend of ghettotech and booty bass in this tight, basstastic mix. Highlights include Disco D productions such as "You Need Another Drink," "Keys to the Whip" and Disco's remix of B.G.'s "Hottest of the Hot." Are you having a booty party at your crib and the DJ hasn't shown up? Pop this baby in the CD player and watch the ladies twerk it to the floor. Read more » 

Twilight Circus The Essential Collection

Label: M

Many were taken aback when longtime Legendary Pink Dot Ryan Moore entered the yawning chasm of dub music. But they were far from disappointed with the results. Moore seized upon the analog implements of Caribbean technology and created mammoth, concave exercises in the echo chamber. His unique, thunderous sounds avoid the two fatal mistakes of contemporary dub practitioners-attempting to mimic King Tubby's lo-fi aesthetic, and using racks of digital gear that result in "dub lite" (is there anything worse?). Read more » 

Various Artists Jazz BizNiz 3

Label: Counterpoint

Jake Behnan serves up an array of raw, gutsy jazz and cosmic underground disco treats on this compilation, whose artists take their rightful place alongside commercially renowned jazz and soul pioneers. Ola Butterfly Woods contributes "If We Do Nothing," a proactive wake up call to the people, with sweet-breathed cinematic brass and chilled, fill-laden percussion. Deep Sensation swap deep house grooves for heartfelt dancefloor jazz on "Harlem & 42nd" via luscious jazzical keys, mesmerizing sax and rustling cymbal percussion. Counterpoint has once again come up with the goods. Read more » 

King Britt Adventures in Lo-Fi

Label: BBE

King Britt rescues the suffering Beat Generation series with this stellar record. Featuring a plethora of Philadelphia's finest emcees, poets and songbirds, the king of Philly house music gets back to his hip-hop roots. "Smoothed out" describes a lot of it, but it's not cheesy-it's sublime. From Quasimoto's helium-gas lyrics to Bahamadia's buttery flow, the rappers all come correct and the production shines, especially on the spoken-word tracks by Rich Medina. Illadelph brethren represent lovely on "Rise and Vibe" featuring Dice Raw and "Caught Out There" featuring Capitol A. Read more » 

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