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Zongamin S/t

Label: XL

After shit-hot singles "Tunnel Music" and "Serious Trouble" (on excellent UK imprint Flesh) made him a darling among underground tastemakers such as Soulwax, Andrew Weatherall and Trevor Jackson, illustrator-cum-producer Susumu Mukai has come clean with Zongamin's keenly-awaited longplayer. Adding to what those two singles emphasized-namely, rubber-bass and stiff, elastic dance rhythms you'd hear in your imagined fantasy of The Mudd Club-Mukai adds a healthy dose of film score ambience and whimsy into the mix. Read more » 

Common Feat. Erykah Badu, Q-Tip and Pharrell Williams Come Close Rmx

Label: MCA

A fly love song just got flyer. Common responds to charges that Badu is hip-hop's Yoko Ono and owns up to his tight shirts and vegetarianism. Pharrell, offering girls rides on the handlebars, steals the show (again): "I'm goin' back to my skater roots/but still got friends in them gator boots." For added fun, imagine that Q-Tip's verse goes out to Nicole Kidman. Read more » 

Kraymon Who Wants Some?

Label: En:Vision

Accompanying his badass "Somehow Green" single on Streetwise, "Who Wants Some?" sees Pete Horsham take a less electro but similarly stripped-down route that emphasizes the funk over big-bass heroics. Combining a huggable, one-note sub bass with a slightly shuffly break, bits of effects and a nicely buried cinematic vocal sample-and putting a dubby reworking by sHack of Elite Force on the flip-Horsham forges a winner. Read more » 

3 Generations Walking

Label: Spiritual Life Music

3 Generations' Walking blends jazzy vocals, a bit of house, and an instrumental bag of tricks (cello, congas, kalimba, and violin) to achieve a pleasantly celestial album. Granola house or jamband jazz? Read more » 

Irfan Just a Little Lovin'

Label: Sonar Kollektiv

Heard it first on Gilles Peterson's always excellent Worldwide show, and then managed to get a white label from the Jazzanova boys. Wonderfully jazzy with an uptempo twist and a great title. Read more » 

Nylon Pylon Pushin' (Playgroup RMX)

Label: London

Just proving again the striking production skills of Trevor Jackson-shame his album didn't get the attention it deserved. Top-class mix. Read more » 

Lay & Bushwaka! Deep South (Lazyboy Mix)

Label: End

Lovely mid-tempo mix with a seductive touch-smooth and lowdown. Read more » 

Truby Trio High Jazz Rmxs

Label: Compost

Last year's new jazz revelation is remixed on two releases to mixed results. On one, Nicola Conte brings it back to traditional Latin flavor with piano, vibes and flute, while the Trio remix themselves in a surprisingly non-contextual Detroit techno style. The winner: Freeform Five's bad ass disco-funk throwdown. Big boogie booyah! Read more » 

Tamion 12 Inch All Black

Label: Ersatz Audio

With electroclash dead for lack of passion, groups like this Detroit trio bring the true, young Reagan-era rage back to the digital age. The five cuts of this debut find B.Kerry's pissed-off-but-vulnerable vocals crunching well with the brittle synthesizer arrangements. Alienated and necessary. Read more » 

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