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Ramirez Hablando Rmxs

Label: Acetate

Chad Jackson very effectively brings tech-trance boys Ramirez's early-'90s accordion-tinged classic to the breaks arena. His Dark Horse Dub brings that old-school acid-buzz-bassline flavor, while the flip pumps the ranchera aspect and evokes a less heavy but funkier, Kickin' Records-style thump. Read more » 

Nasty Crew Boys Meet Girls

Label: white

Freshest tune at the moment. Main boy MC Kano brings you the hottest lyrics on this grimy hip-hop-meets-garage tune. Simple beats, but very effective. This guy is gonna be big for 2003. A must for the record box. Read more » 

Breakin Barriers Play Some Jazz

Label: Public Demand

A new flavor of garage from the camp called Basement-breakbeat flavor for the beats, with a very hooky jazzy sax all the way through the tune. Consider this one bumpin' and for the connoisseurs. Read more » 

Corporation of London Funky Shit

Label: Locked On

The title says it all: this one is blowin' up on the underground at the moment. Again, breakbeat flavor with snippets of funky shit runnin' through the tune, simple beats and a very heavy bassline makes this a poisonous tune. Read more » 

Hive & Keaton Feat. Busdriver Death Threat

Label: Violence

L.A.'s own Busdriver convincingly steals this one right out from under this tight team-up. With a style that is definitely all his own, Bus provides the perfect lyrical complement to the equally ill beats bumping and grooving underneath. A superb release sure to work the crowd into a frenzy. Read more » 

Beat Assassins Dilute

Label: white

If you like your breakbeat garage like I do, then you'll love this one. Crisp 2-step beats with heavy b-line from start to finish. It's just noise all the way through. Mad and grimy and very catchy-love it. Read more » 

Friction Lightspeed

Label: CIA

Scene leader DJ Friction brings a tune that wastes no time in getting down to business with a huge, chest-thumping b-line after an intro of rugged drums and spooky atmospherics. Also look for releases on Friction and Skinny's new Transparent label. Read more » 

Skynet Logan's Run

Label: Skynet Recordings

Scheduled as the second release for Skynet's new imprint, this tune finds the man on a roll. This one intros with a haunting bleep melody before dropping into an ass-moving tech bassline with some nice cymbal work. A very tidy roller for those that like their funk from the future. Read more » 

Chris Leibing Weather EP

Label: Clau

Vigorously taunting and aggressively hypnotic, this percussive workout expresses the power of well-modulated filter envelope generators. Leibing teaches an advanced lesson in subtractive synthesis as precise, sweltering analog drums drive you deeper within. Read more » 

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