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Thomas Köner Zyklop

Label: Mille Plateaux

Thomas Köner is the god of small sounds. After shiveringly cold environmental ambient works on experimental labels Barooni, Dorobo and Die Stadt from 1992 to the present-alongside many more techno tracks with Andy Mellwig as Porter Ricks-Germany's Köner has explored a vast audio realm. Not one to lock himself away in the art installation and academic music circuits in which he has a considerable following, Köner has made a career of auspicious collaborations, from filmmakers to electronic engineers as disparate as Techno Animal and Asmus Tietchens. Read more » 

Ready made F.me

Label: F Communications

Yum, yum, yummy! Three exceptional remixes of the original composition "Follow Me" for Dior Homme. Ready Made complements an amazing a-side of beautifully complex, dubbed out minimal techno with an equally lovely, stripped-down flipside. Altern Vision chimes in with a sweet and housey version on the b-side, bringing this one to a charming close. Read more » 

Phuturistix Feel It Out

Label: Hospital

Zed Bias and Injekta team up with singer Ray Gaskins to follow their "Matrix" EP with this bit of Eddie Jefferson-style vocal-jazz-step. Witness as the bass punctuates instead of invading, and check how your man Daluq boosts it hardcore onto the floor with his big breaky remix. A brilliant way forward for '03. Read more » 

Soulo Man, the Manipulator

Label: Plug Research

With "post-rock" creeping up on the decade mark, it's time for some other journalist to define what's next. Or one could keep listening to the likes of Soulo for non-textual clues. Electronic beats help shape a good portion of the album, but its sonic breadth is what truly impresses. "Emotions, Can You Trust Them?" ensconses a Lynchian fetish for '50s rock in guitar-and-harmonica-driven dream-pop. And "Your Erroneous Zones" has some Rockford Files fun with the aforementioned genre definition, putting a big ol' belt buckle on its constraints. Read more » 

Misc In Between

Label: Resopal Schallware

When a producer wakes up one morning, looks in the mirror, and muses, "I think I'll be a minimalist," we can almost always guarantee that he's been duped. The broadly sweeping word-of-the-day has grown out of control like some rather nasty backyard sumac, and as plenty of records demonstrate, too little often becomes too annoying. But when the aesthetic is as natural as two-steppin', there's never a question of quality, as in the case of Hannes Wenner and Christopher Bleckmann. Read more » 

DJ Krush Shinsou ("The Message At The Depth")

Label: Red Ink

With his seventh album and minimal fanfare, Japan's DJ Krush continues on with his elegant and quiet strides at musical longevity. With beats and melodies that outline the caliber of a classical composer, Krush rocks the international flavor that's he's honed on previous efforts with a true global hip-hop hybrid. Highlights include creative collaborations with Sly & Robbie ("The Last Voices"), Anti-Pop Consortium ("Supreme Team") and Japanese rapper Inden ("Toki No Tabiji," which translates to "Journey of Time"). Now, as before, a stamp of considered quality. Read more » 

Mickey and the Soul Generation Iron Leg: The Complete Mickey and the Soul Generation

Label: Cali-Tex-Quannum

When a beat junkie like DJ Shadow goes to extraordinary lengths to reissue your long-forgotten songs and pen eight pages of liner notes to boot, you must've done something right(eous). And so Mickey And The Soul Generation have done, as the 19 tracks on CD1 prove Quannum's included a six-track bonus disc of live recordings. From 1969-1977, this San Antonio sextet served up sizzling funk nuggets that will make fans of the Meters, James Brown, Bar-Kays, etc. Read more » 

Cassandra Wilson Vodou EP

Label: Spiritual Life

Two slabs, five tunes and a real revelation, as producer Joe Claussel hands in some serious African jams. The centerpiece is Wilson's 12-minute "Run The Voodoo Down," which Claussel slathers with dramatic guitar atmospheres and cranking percussion, but don't sleep on his smoothly Latin housed-up vision of "You Don't Know What Love Is" and three auxiliary percussion bits by London's Yoruba Jazz People. Read more » 

Parlour Googler

Label: Temporary Residence

What Kentucky natives Parlour (featuring ex-members of Aerial M and The For Carnation) offer in Googler is a hypnotic glimpse of what post-rock is best capable of. Songs like "Jololinine" and "Regulkfro Reel" glide down the same night-fallen freeway that Jonathan Richman and Neu! Read more » 

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