XLR8R Podcast 397: Function - Decibel 2015 Festival Edition
As the Decibel festival approaches, XLR8R presents this exclusive set from the Ostgut Ton artist.

Dave Sumner, the techno DJ and producer better known as Function, grew up in Carnarsie, Brooklyn, across the street from a swim club that hosted dance parties in the late …


Bubblin' Up: The Drifter
Following a good friend's footsteps, Mark Flynn finds the way forward.

It’s known for a plethora of quality exports, but—despite the Irish heritage of artists like Niall “Mano Le Tough” Mannion—Ireland isn’t considered a particularly renowned hot spot for house and …

Veronica Vasicka podcast 1

XLR8R Podcast 396: Veronica Vasicka - Dekmantel 2015 Festival Edition
The Minimal Wave honcho heads to Amsterdam to regale the fest with her synthetic musings.

Veronica Vasicka has managed to take a lifelong love of electronically modulated sounds, along with a ardor for playing recorded versions of said sounds, and transform that passion into an …

Photo: Seze Devres

Q&A: Mike Servito
With nary a production to his name—and a date at Dekmantel right around the corner—the Bunker resident is ready for the world.

In academia, the term “publish or perish” refers to the pressure that professors are under to to get their research, discourse or literary output into journals, books or anywhere; it’s …

Satoshi Tomiie-MN2S-booking-agents

Q&A: Satoshi Tomiie Releases New Day
A decade and a half after his full-length debut, the house-music vet's second album is finally here.

If there were any justice in the world, Satoshi Tomiie would be exalted as one of house music’s prime movers, a towering figure gazing over the clubbing realm like a …


XLR8R Podcast 395: Dekmantel Soundsystem - Dekmantel 2015 Festival Edition
Thomas Martojo and Casper Tielrooij warm us up for the big throwdown with a sprawling set of tunes.

Festival season is in full swing—has all the action worn you out yet? Of course you’re not—with so much great music and fun times, there’s no way you’re going to …


XLR8R Podcast 394: Francesca Lombardo - Piknic Electronik 2015 Edition
Listen to a sumptuous set from the Crosstown Rebels recording artist—then catch her in person in Montreal.

As anyone who’s ever caught Francesca Lombardo in live performance knows, the music that she and her comrades play can be beautifully transcendent: Gentle, loping rhythms anchor sighing synths and …

Prins Thomas_promo_1000x664

Q&A: Prins Thomas
The Oslo audio artisan takes the wide-road approach to his career.

In the off chance that you have been in a long deep sleep, or simply residing in another realm, here are a few things to know about Thomas Moen Hermansen, …

yokoo 1

Podcast 391: YokoO
The busy DJ and producer presents an hour of pure listening pleasure.

Students of deep house, at least those who do more than skim the surface of what the sound has to offer, know that the French-born, Berlin-based man known as YokoO …

Stephan Bodzin

Q&A: Stephan Bodzin releases Powers of 10
With his creativity fully refreshed, the German producer delivers his first full-length album in over seven years.

Born in the northern German countryside, Stephan Bodzin’s musical roots can be traced back to his earliest years—a time when he spent hours dabbling the studio with his father, an …

Photo: Lisa Swarna Khanna

Interview: Steffi
The DJ, producer and label head discusses her new live act, the relaunch of Klakson and reflects on her success.

Despite both widespread global acclaim and an artistic reputation that sees her perched comfortably within the finest DJs and producers out there, Dutch-born Steffie Doms (better known simply as Steffi) …

SAN Word Mark

Labels We Love: Safer at Night
Curses, Cranks and Total Fitness head up an imprint devoted to dark-hued rhythms.

Luca Venezia has a thing for the dark hours. As he puts it, “I’ve always been obsessed with nighttime—the magic, the mystery, how everybody become somebody new once the sun …


Interview: Laurent Garnier
The veteran artist opens up about his creative impulses and clubland longevity.

“I have never been comfortable on the comfortable seat,” Laurent Garnier says, grinning with an animated sense of mischief. “I may have surprised some people, but I would have become …


DNGLS Hooly EP (Len Faki Remixes)
Berghain's Faki works his blissful magic on the already gorgeous original version.

The original version of “Hooly,” produced by the French newcomer DNGLS and released on the similarly fresh-faced Barcelona label Anemone Recordings, is a gleaming gem of a sunrise-techno track, its …

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Q&A: Audiofly
As they head to Detroit's Movement, Anthony Middleton and Luca Saporito talk to XLR8R about career arcs, inspirations and DJing in Romania.

“We’re slow burners,” says Anthony Middleton, the British half of musical duo, Audiofly. Together with Luca Saporito, the Italian member of the pair, Middleton has been DJing and producing a …

laurent garnier podcast 1

XLR8R Podcast 386: Laurent Garnier — Nuits Sonores 2015 Festival Edition
The fabled DJ-producer gears up for Nuit Sonores by laying down this stunning set of tunes.

If there was ever an artist who doesn’t need an introduction, it’s Laurent Garnier—but hell, we’ll give him one anyway. After hitting the decks in the late ’80s under the …

Craig Richards and Matt Tolfrey

B2B: Matt Tolfrey and Craig Richards
The man behind Fabric's latest mix-CD goes one-on-one with the club's longtime artist-in-residence.

The U.K.’s Matt Tolfrey and Craig Richards are old pals, having met at the Bomb, the much-missed, seminal Nottingham house club,  in the ’90s. The two have kept their professional …


XLR8R Podcast 385: Audiofly — Movement 2015 Festival Edition
In the run-up to the beloved Detroit fest, Luca Saporito and Anthony Middleton lay down a set of hypnotic sounds.

Luca Saporito and Anthony Middleton, together known as the Barcelona-based DJ and production team Audiofly, have been working together since 2002—and for most of that time, they’ve been firm favorites …