High Tides High Tides
This duo’s gentle indie-electronic waters are rising.

Despite being from sun-soaked Malibu, California, dream-pop duo High Tides bear close sonic resemblance to chilly Scotland’s Boards of Canada, with both pairs creating densely saturated synth melancholia. But if …


Interview: Answer Code Request
The Berghain resident reveals how he is still adjusting to his rather unforeseen success

Patrick Gräser’s story has been well documented: Growing up in the small German town of Fürstenwalde, he moved to Berlin in 2001 to pursue a career in electronic music after …


What The Festival 2015

The boutique electronic music and interactive arts festival What The Festival emerged in 2012 and has quickly become a staple for festival enthusiasts. Called the “Pacific Northwest’s Burning Man,” What …

Galak-Z 2015-03-13 15-07-35-86

Q&A: C. Andrew Rohrmann and the Galak-Z soundtrack
The electronic musician and sound designer known as scntfc fills us in on his latest project.

Based in Seattle, Washington, C. Andrew Rohrmann is the electronic musician and sound designer known as Scientific American, a.k.a. scntfc. After getting his start as a live performer, Rohrmann moved …

hollyherndon nsa show

Event Review: Holly Herndon at the Wick
The composer marks the release of her new LP with an immersive art event in Bushwick.

Q: If you could access NSA data, who would you stalk? A: What do you mean “if” The answer appeared on the screen almost as quickly as the question did, …

MAN_POWER_portrait_01 copy

Interview: Man Power
Just in time for the release of a new LP, XLR8R catches up with the elusive artist.

As with John Talabot, Redshape and Ten Walls before him, the identity of the anonymous producer Man Power has been electronic music’s favourite guessing game lately. Names such as Talabot, …

David August - press photo copy

Bubblin' Up: David August
One of clubland's ascendant talents sets his sights beyond the dancefloor.

David August is an ambitious young man—at least, that’s the only explanation we can find for what the producer has accomplished in such a short time. The Hamburg-born, Berlin-based artist …


Get Familiar: Amsterdam's FIBER Festival
XLR8R talks to the organizers behind the groundbreaking electronic-arts-and-music fest.

If you are still trying to figure out what to do this weekend, and if you are at all interested in cutting-edge music, arts and culture—and if you’re reading XLR8R, …

Photo: Maxime Chermat

20 Questions: Marc Houle
A master of live electronics celebrates a set of remixes from his seminal debut album.

Canadian-born Marc Houle is not a DJ; he is widely acclaimed electronic musician who produces his own music and performs it live, beat for beat, drum for drum. Artists today …