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XLR8R Annual Report: Best XLR8R TV Episodes 2K9

Keeping up with every XLR8R TV episode can be almost as exhausting as producing it week after week. So, we've made it easy for you—the tired, poor, huddled internet masses yearning to read end-of-year lists—and picked our five favorite episodes of Twenty-Oh-Nine. … Read more »

XLR8R Buyers' Guide to Dreamin' 2K9

If you're still feeling hopped up after getting jacked, bubbled, bumped, and tri… Read more »

XLR8R Buyers' Guide to Trippin' 2K9

It's an overly caffeinated day at XLR8R HQ today, but vast consumption of coffee isn't the only thing that's got us trippin' ballz. We're also rollin' out another fine assortment of our favorite hazy, crazy, occasionally lazy mind-fucks of the year for your week-ending enjoyment. … Read more »

XLR8R Buyers' Guide to Bumpin' 2K9

Is the multitude of year-end lists breaking your brain yet? If so, let us provide the grey matter a little respite by lacing you with ANOTHER CRAZY AMAZING LIST OF AWESOME SHIT FROM THE LAST 12 MONTHS!!!! Today, the jubilant jamz that kept us Bumpin' in 2K9—a.k.a. hotness for cruisin' down tha avenue in our pimp-ass rides. … Read more »

Artist to Watch: Tanlines

Who: Tanlines Where: Brooklyn, NY … Read more »

Artist to Watch: Javelin

Who: Javelin Where: Brooklyn, NY … Read more »

Uproot Andy: From kuduro to cumbia and beyond, Andy Gillis bridges 
the post-geographic musical gap.

When Uproot Andy rolls out the names of rhythms, he savors them deliberately, li… Read more »

Fuck Buttons: A pair of Bristol punks spin ambient electro and vintage synths into apocalyptic chaos.

While Bristol duo Fuck Buttons' latest record, Tarot Sport, might skew toward am… Read more »

Style: Ur a Jerk.

Over the past year, a new hip-hop subgenre has bubbled up from the streets of Lo… Read more »

Artist to Watch: CFCF

Who: CFCF Where: Montreal, Canada Somewhere between the Balearic, slo-mo stylings of Meanderthals and the synthetic gloss of Jan Hammer sits CFCF (a.k.a. Michael Silver). … Read more »

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