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Five Minutes at ADE with Derrick May

If it wasn't clear enough from both parts of our ADE coverage, this year's festival had a far-reaching roster of artists, including some absolutely legendary names, of which the DJ, (former) producer, label head, and all-around electronic-music guru Derrick May was one of the biggest. At this point in his career, May really has a lot of knowledge to share, and he enthusiastically did so over two ADE panel discussions (one of which was a Q&A with fellow Midwestern pioneer Frankie Knuckles, who also sat down with us for five minutes) with a focus on the past and future of electronic music as well as the current state of dance music in the US. Once we finally got a chance to sit down with the man (who, by the way, will be bringing his Hi-Tek Soul tour with Kevin Saunderson to Seattle, San Francisco, and LA in early November), we continued to delve into these subjects. … Read more »

Five Minutes at ADE with Frankie Knuckles

While this year's ADE festival had a lot to offer in the way of young, burgeoning talent—check out both parts of our festival wrap-up for proof—it also brought some absolute legends to Amsterdam for the five-day event, including the "Godfather of House," Frankie Knuckles. Amidst DJing two separate showcases on two different nights, and joining in a panel discussion with another electronic-music pioneer, Derrick May, Knuckles found a few minutes to sit down and talk us about where he's been and what he's been up to since reappearing on the scene, and also shared some passionate words on the current state of the US' electronic music scene. … Read more »

Amsterdam Dance Event Wrap-Up, Part 2

After the hustle and bustle of the first two nights of the Amsterdam Dance Event, I wasn't quite ready for what happens in Amsterdam on Friday and Saturday nights—the population seems to double. All of a sudden, venues that previously had 100 or 200 bikes outside their ADE-associated shows now had 400 or 500. This meant that every club would be packed to capacity before the night was through, requiring some tough and hasty decisions as to who to see and where to go. Here is the slice of performances I was able to cut out of ADE's weekend offerings.… Read more »

Amsterdam Dance Event Wrap-Up, Part 1

As a city, Amsterdam is an almost overwhelming convergence of the old and the new, the familiar and the foreign. Pristine modern architecture and rustic brick buildings occupy virtually the same space amongst Amsterdam's cobblestone streets, where a flurry of international pedestrians, scooters, bikers, and motorists somehow manage to shuffle their way through the city day in and day out. In this spirit, the 2011 Amsterdam Dance Event (also known simply as ADE) lineup is completely appropriate, even with its jaw-dropping numbers—boasting over 700 DJs and producers from around the world performing at over 200 events in well above 50 different venues. Truthfully, ADE is not a 100% XLR8R-friendly event, but even a smaller percentage of the aforementioned "700 DJs and producers" proved to be plenty to take in.… Read more »

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