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Gil Scott-Heron and Jamie xx We're New Here

Venturing out from his beatmaking work as one third of international indie darlings The xx, here Jamie xx (né Jamie Smith) gets to fully indulge his own predilection for the sparest of dubstep/post-dubstep via the fantastic and fantastically unclass… Read more »

DMX Krew Wave Funk

Ed Upton has proven, for the past 15 years, that he's a pious disciple of '80s electro, but his 10th album as DMX Krew, Wave Funk, calls for an intervention to break his addiction.… Read more »

Glasser Ring

Albums from Delorean and Girls may have arrived with larger fanfare, but Glasser (a.k.a. Cameron Mesirow) has been part of the True Panther stable from the beginning and Ring could be marked as the end of the young label's first wave of releases. … Read more »

So Percussion & Matmos Treasure State

It's safe to assume that at this point in Martin Schmidt's and Drew Daniel's storied and long-stretching audio career, there isn't a physical object within the pair's capabilities of comprehension and travel that the duo hasn't at least considered u… Read more »

Ost & Kjex Cajun Lunch

Obsessed with the cheese on their plates and the cheese on their turntables, Petter Haavik and Tore Gjedrem (plus recurrent guest vocalist Tracee Meyn) forego the usual expectations of cool to create joyful music that is both frequently ridiculous an… Read more »


Oriol Night and Day

There's a special rush one gets driving down the freeway en route to a club or concert on a Saturday night. White and red brake lights blink and glow in traffic, wind rushes by, and fluorescently lit buildings create a halo above the city.… Read more »

Guido Anidea

For all the talk in 2009 about Bristol's next generation of dubstep producers—largely centered around the hip-hop- and G-funk-influenced "Purple Trinity" of Joker, Gemmy, and Guido—it's almost shocking how quickly the bass music landscape has cha… Read more »

Ellen Allien/Marcel Dettmann/Martin Buttrich Dust/Dettman/Crash Test

A trio of German vets offers new long-players to the decidedly singles-oriented techno world. Let's be honest: The album format has not been overly kind to techno. Tracks experienced in the happy haze of club life aren't usually listened to in pre-set chronological order in the comforts of home. The closest you come to recapturing the good times of the night before is to pop in a mix CD by one of your favorite DJs. Even then, it doesn't come close to matching the extra-sensory "wow!" factor of dancing in a room full of people, immersed in pulsating rhythm and sound. There are exceptions to the rule, but more artists need to figure out how to have it both ways, sustaining the 4/4 thrill on full-length recordings as they would in a club setting. Three veteran German producer/DJs—Ellen Allien, Marcel Dettmann, and Martin Buttrich—attempt to bridge this nagging live sound vs. studio sound gap on their new releases. … Read more »

Jamie Lidell Compass

Since breaking out as a retro-minded soul singer amid futuristic techno tunes, Jamie Lidell has struggled to reconcile musical identities.… Read more »

Jahcoozi Barefoot Wanderer

If the band-name pun doesn't tip you off as to Jahcoozi's, um, energy, singer Sasha Perera will not leave you in the dark for long.… Read more »


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