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Jaga Jazzist One-Armed Bandit

If Fela Kuti recruited a nine-person band with modern electronics, fiery guitars, and a full horn section in Norway, Afrobeat might sound like One-Armed Bandit.… Read more »

Mux Mool Skulltaste

If one used producer Brian Lindgren's debut album as the basis for psychoanalysis, it would be almost immediately apparent that under his musical moniker, Mux Mool, the man suffers from multiple personality disorder.… Read more »

Pit Er Pat The Flexible Entertainer

After a couple of albums of drab post-rock, Chicago's Pit Er Pat blossomed into a much more interesting proposition on its 2008 full-length High Time, and that bloom continues on The Flexible Entertainer.… Read more »


Anthony "Shake" Shakir Frictionalism 1994-2009

Real Detroit techno heads have long been repping Anthony "Shake" Shakir's work, but only a few outside of that small scene have given him his proper due, if only because his profile's rise has been restrained by health issues and limited-run releases… Read more »

Liars Sisterworld

Maybe it's the two members with art-school backgrounds, but Liars have a knack for taking clichés to sublime places.… Read more »

Emptyset Emptyset

A hybrid project based in Bristol, England, Emptyset is grimy and cryptic, driven from within by the region's body-buzzing bass culture, inspired from without by minimal techno innovations in Berlin and Detroit.… Read more »

Kasper Bjørke Standing on Top of Utopia

The sophomore solo LP from Danish producer Kasper Bjørke, Standing on Top of Utopia, is a collection of solid, if unremarkable, songs on the hfn label.… Read more »

White Hills White Hills

White Hills' last album, Heads on Fire, flared and throbbed in the peak-era Hawkwind/Comets on Fire vein of robust space rock that appeals both to stoners and acid acolytes.… Read more »

Josiah Wolf Jet Lag

Siblings hate being compared to one another, but it's impossible to listen to Josiah Wolf's debut effort without thinking of Yoni Wolf, WHY?'s master wordsmith and Josiah's brother/band mate.… Read more »

Bomb the Bass Back to Light

Plenty of people have mentioned the supposed tropical influence on the new Bomb the Bass album.… Read more »

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