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Radian Chimeric

Radian are no strangers to deconstruction.… Read more »

Zelienople Give It Up

Somewhat confusingly described in their press materials as a "jazz trio," Zelienople may share Bohren & der Club of Gore's fixation on Angelo Badalamenti's Twin Peaks music, but they cut that dreaminess with wandering clouds of guitar-nourished despa… Read more »

Mikkel Meyer Bacon

Don't confuse Danish electronic experimentalist Mikkel Meyer with German techno producer Michael Mayer. Whereas Kompakt artist Mayer makes taught and cohesive digital music, Denmark's Meyer takes a scattershod approach to avant-bass tracks.… Read more »

James Pants Seven Seals

Apparently, the dapper B-boy, who long ago spent his prom night charming Peanut Butter Wolf, now wants to start a doomsday cult. But never mind Seven Seals' tacky, occultist artwork—James Pants is still a charmer.… Read more »

Ernest Gonzales Been Meaning to Tell You

Been Meaning to Tell You is an album whose actual music is only half the story.… Read more »

Lightning Bolt Earthly Delights

Rhode Island duo Lightning Bolt is one of the rare groups you don’t want to change. Their m.o. is so potent, it would be misguided for them to deviate from it.… Read more »

Xiu Xiu Dear God, I Hate Myself

For those reading the title of Xiu Xiu's latest record and wondering, "They're kidding, right?" the answer is: probably.… Read more »

Peverelist Jarvik Mindstate

As owner of Bristol's Rooted Records shop and founder of the Punch Drunk label, Tom Ford (a.k.a. Peverelist) doesn't have trouble staying current.… Read more »


Pantha Du Prince Black Noise

The third full-length from Hendrick Weber maintains the high quality of previous efforts while pushing certain elements of his shoegaze-y, minimal-inspired techno sound further. Noah Lennox (a.k.a.… Read more »

Yeasayer Odd Blood

Yeasayer's 2007 debut, All Hour Cymbals, was the closest thing indie rock had come to world music since the Talking Heads released Fear of Music 20 years ago—a jittery blend of religious folk, West African polyrhythms, and synthesized experimentati… Read more »

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