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Yura Yura Teikoku Hollow Me/Beautiful

This 20-year-old Japanese trio's greatest liability is the psych baggage they're saddled with.… Read more »

Dinowalrus %

In comparison to the noisy rock sounds propagated by contemporaries such as HEALTH, Ganglians, and Liars, Dinowalrus is a far more unhinged outfit whose heavily reverberated atmospheres, herky-jerky basslines, and warped soundscapes bring to mind ear… Read more »

Massive Attack Heligoland

Seven years in the making, Massive Attack's Heligoland doesn't quite carry the comeback expectations their Bristolian trip-hop compatriots from Portishead faced when releasing Third, but that's probably as good thing, as Heligoland isn't in the same … Read more »

Clipd Beaks To Realize

Calling an album "mature" is often a death knell for creativity and excitement, but in the case of To Realize, it's good thing.… Read more »

Souls of Mischief Montezuma's Revenge

Despite not having dropped a group album in almost a decade, Souls of Mischief still have enough gusto to keep hip-hop heads listening.… Read more »

Blockhead The Music Scene

On his years off from making beats for Aesop Rock and others, Blockhead has assembled a group of instrumental LPs that stands solidly on its own, despite the generally shoddy reputation of instrumental hip-hop full-lengths over the past decade.… Read more »

Dam-Funk Toeachizown

Boogie revivalist and long-haired LA electro visionary Damon Riddick (a.k.a. Dam-Funk) wants to make music that lets your hair blow in the wind—a difficult task, but his massive Toeachizown offers just that kind of soothing experience.… Read more »


Patrick Cowley and Jorge Socarras Catholic

A few years ago, some San Francisco DJs and music enthusiasts happened upon a stack of unreleased tape reels featuring collaborations between gay disco icon Patrick Cowley and multi-instrumentalist Jorge Socarras.… Read more »


Shlohmo Shlomoshun Deluxe

The re-release of LA/SF-based producer Shlohmo's mini-album, Shlomoshun Deluxe sounds fantastic if you're stoned. A clear-headed listen, however, reveals its production to be sub-par.… Read more »

Four Tet/Toro Y Moi There Is Love in You/Causers of This

Two producers take very different paths to aural bliss. … Read more »

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